Acai Berry and Heart

Acai berry is a wonder fruit for almost every part of the body. It is a complete food, with some or the other nutrient for every cell and tissue. Acai is a storehouse of antioxidants, more than any other food known till date. Its antioxidants tally has exceeded that of blueberries and red wine. It has also beaten olive oil in its health benefits for heart and cardiovascular diseases. Acai berry is small in size but very strong in action. It is beneficial against cancer, cardiovascular diseases, neurological diseases and the list goes on.

Heart diseases can only be prevented but not cured. Acai berry is a magical fruit, combined with well disciplined lifestyle can prevent cardiovascular diseases. Heart diseases are the leading killers after cancers. Acai berry can slow the degeneration of heart cells, mount up of cholesterol levels and clogging of arteries. It can help intestines absorb less cholesterol and allow less fat to accumulate in the body. It improves digestion and metabolism rate to burn fats more easily and quickly. It provides the boost and stamina to exercise and shed extra fats.

Severe Heart Ailments

There are several heart ailments, prominent of them being heart attack or myocardial infarction, hypertension or high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, high cholesterol and heart failure. Heart attack occurs when enough blood and oxygen do not reach heart cells. High cholesterol blocks coronary blood vessels, hampering the blood supply to cells. Heart cells can stop functioning and die when they do not get enough oxygen in time. In hypertension, your heart has to put extra effort to supply blood to different organs of the body. Blockage of arteries by fats prevents the blood to flow freely from them. This situation is called arteriosclerosis. Complete blockage can result in heart attack or stroke. 

How can Acai Berry help?

Acai berry is rich in essential fatty acids- Omega 6 (Linoleic acid) and Omega 9 (Oleic acid). Linoleic acid lowers both good and bad cholesterol levels. It is polyunsaturated essential fatty acid. Oleic acid lowers bad cholesterol and keeps up good cholesterol. It is monounsaturated essential fatty acid. Acai berry also has beta-sitosterol which does not allow body to absorb cholesterol, thus reducing blood cholesterol. Acai berry is also high in fiber. Fiber dissolves cholesterol from intestines, preventing it from depositing at heart. Antioxidants protect cells and tissues from oxidation and damage. Thus Acai berry can be very useful for preventing heart ailments. It is very important to maintain a well balanced diet and disciplined life style for healthy heart and body.

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