Acai Berry Scams

Internet scams are nothing new. Cheaters are always waiting to grab the opportunity and follow the current trend to rob your credit card. Acai berry is the hottest product in American health markets today and hot favorite among scammers. Websites are offering free trails of Acai berry and other products derived from it. Lucrative offers and websites just want you to sign up using your credit card and pay for only the shipping charges. They offer free trial of Acai berry products and promise that they will not charge anything else.

There is no doubt that Acai berry has several health benefits. It is power packed with nutrients. It is very tasty. Acai berry has much more antioxidants than other berries, fruits and herbal supplements. Acai berry has more antioxidants than red wine. It has vitamin C, vitamin E and anthocyanins. Acai berry is rich in fiber and low in sugar. It has several vitamins and minerals -Vitamin B1, B2, B3, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Calcium, Potassium, Proteins, and essential fatty acids Omega 6 and Omega 9. So Acai berry is worth trying.

Consumers need to be alert regarding “too good to be true” offers. Acai berry is marketed as a miracle product to loose weight. Acai berry is no magical fruit to shed those extra kilos. It can only help by aiding in digestion and improving metabolism rate. So do not fall for offers that promise to help you shed kilos and reduce inches of your waist within few weeks with Acai berry.

You must always analyze that why would anybody give anything for free. What do they get from these free offers, sending free trials to millions of people? Consumers, who sign up for free trials, give their credit card details suffer a lot on the hands of these scammers. They receive the product, but often of the lowest quality. And they end up paying much more money in return. Before you know you are signed up for a monthly subscription and get charged every month unless you cancel the subscription. So is the cancellation so easy? Of course not! You will call them millions of times, wasting more money on telephone bills, and getting no one to answer your calls in return. They always have the reasons to charge you more and more. But you received miracle acai at least. This acai has least nutrients and processed in the cheapest way. It is of no benefit for your health but much of a stress for your credit card and mind. So beware of these free scams!

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