Consequences of Accutane Acne Treatment

Accutane acne treatment helps to cure acne but there are various ill effects of this treatment. Before undergoing this treatment one should bear in mind the side effects and then proceed further. One should not jump over this treatment without proper knowledge of it. As one coin has two side same is the case.

Accutane acne treatment is mostly considered as the last resort. If no other treatment works one has to go for its mercy. Without proper guidance and knowledge the person undergoing the treatment is definitely at harm. Thus discussion of its negative effects is very important. With out the knowledge one is put into a difficulty.

A pregnant female or a female who conceives while she is undergoing accutane acne treatment is at a greater risk. The child born to her may get some problem due to this like physical disorder or disability or mental retardation. The child may be lunatic or may be mentally ill from birth itself. Thus doctors take utmost care while taking this treatment into consideration. The child has to bear the brunt of this treatment. Thus a pregnant female has to be very cautious. The consequences are dangerous.

Other negative effects of accutane acne treatment are joint problems, skin disorders, conjunctivitis, bleeding of nose etc. These problems also persist for a long time. There are many other problems that affect the health seriously. The vision is said to decrease under this treatment. Thus one has to be very cautious.

Doctors do not advise multivitamin intake at this time as the side effects are high. The medicines for accutane acne treatment react with vitamin A. This should not happen. Thus the intake of vitamin A is not advised. Certain foods are not allowed.

Thus accutane acne treatment has to be considered only when other treatments have failed. When some one has only mild acne, they should not undergo treatment by any chance. The person undergoing this treatment has to face a lot of problems. Dermatologist has to be consulted and steps should be taken as prescribed by him. The food and the medicine intake as prescribed by such dermatologist should be properly followed. One should not take this treatment lightly. When one undergoes this treatment he should be utmost careful.

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