Do You know Cause of Acne?

Acne has devastating effects on person's mind. He moves down psychologically. There are many causes of acne. You cannot assign the responsibility to any one cause. From individual to individual the cause of acne differs. Over active oil glands, bacterial infection and dead skin cells are three main causes of acne. These causes are responsible for affecting you in a direct way. Thus it is very important to know more about them.

Sebaceous glands or oil glands, which produce sebum, are helpful in keeping the skin smooth and soft. However some times due to over activity of oil glands, there is excess secretion of oil. This oil accumulates below the skin. It leads to clogging of pores. This is one of the causes of acne. Over and above this when you use cosmetics or creams, which are not oil free, only add to the grievance. That is why, dermatologist recommend oil free make up and cosmetics in case of youngsters and people with oily skin.

When the pores are blocked, the hair follicles swell. Sebum gets accumulated in follicles. Bacterial infection thus comes in to light. Acne called, Propionibacterium is caused due to bacterial infection. Due to this infection, the skin becomes very delicate and sensitive. Redness and blemishes are caused which increases the pain. Even the area around the acne is infected making the condition worse, leading to breakout of pores.

There is shedding of dead skin cells and is common in young age. During this act when such dead cells accumulate with the oil or sebum as generated by the sebaceous glands, acne is caused. Thus mostly during young age dermatologist recommend oil free creams and cosmetics. Thus dead skin cells are also a cause of acne.

The above causes affect the skin directly. These are most common and frequent. These body processes hamper the skin and leads to acne. Apart from these direct causes, there are certain other sources, which affect the skin and cause acne. Hormonal changes take place in individual's body. When there is imbalance in hormones, the body becomes less resistant. Also the oil glands become more active sometimes. Thus hormonal imbalance is an important cause of acne.

Stress is also a cause of acne. When you are facing a lot of tension, not getting proper sleep etc, you will find that you get acne. This is because of the changes that take place in hormones at that time. Also, diet plays an important role in acne. When you consume only junk food and lack the diet consisting of fresh fruits and green and leafy vegetables, you will find your skin becoming prone to acne. However if you consume nutritious diet, then you can enjoy some amount of junk food and fried food. You can also enjoy chocolates if you are nourished with healthy diet and gallons of water. If you exercise regularly then you can convert the carbohydrate that is present in such foods.

Cortisol is a steroid hormone, which is secreted in hard-core tea and coffee drinkers. This is also a cause of acne. However, apart from this there are many myths as regards to the cause of can, which are not supported by any logical proofs. So the above causes if kept in mind is helpful.

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