Botox Injections And Cosmetic Surgeons

Botox has now been used for a number of years for men and women that want to hide signs of aging; it is the treatment of choice but a great most people do not know exactly what it is. In order to appreciate just what this is we need a brief history lesson into its discovery, quite a while ago now. Botulinum toxin was first researched back in the 1960′s; it was used to treat patients with neurological problems.

It wasn’t until around 1989 that the Federal Drug Administration agreed to allow its use in medical procedures to help people with disorders of the eye; conditions that caused uncontrollable blinking and crossed eyes were the first people to benefit. In the year 2000 it was approved to treat cervical dystonia; this disorder causes severe neck and shoulder contractions but they also permitted it to be used with other eye problems. In their research, doctors discovered that Botox softened the frown lines between the eyebrows; this discovery won over the FDA who agreed that it could be used in cosmetic procedures from 2002.

You see botox is a neuro toxin, meaning it paralyses the muscles it is injected into and makes them relax; when given sufficient injections given over a period of time, frown lines for example, will reduce in intensity. Continued treatments mean in many cases the lines disappear and now the same treatment is used on other areas of the face like the crows’ feet, laughter lines and other facial wrinkles. The injections actually contain a purified form of the Botulinum toxin; these treatments are only a fraction of the true strength which, in other forms, could make us seriously unwell.

This popularity is due to the fact that we all have wrinkles and lines (increasing with age) when we smile, laugh and make other facial movements which are the result of muscles in the face. The wonderful thing too many people is the treatment can help reduce and often eliminate the signs of aging that have taken years to appear; many cosmetic manufacturers have tried to create creams to eliminate the creases but this is the only treatment to date that can actually rid them from us. Muscles in the area of the botox injection become paralyzed temporarily so they cannot move fully; these treatments provide the user with a facial surface that is smooth and often referred to as looking like a dummy or mannequin.

Because frown line, wrinkles and facial creases have all but disappeared, it provides the user with a look of someone much younger. However, this cosmetic treatment is still expensive; the average cost of just one injection in the United States ranges from a few hundred dollars to in excess of 1,000 dollars, depending on where the injection is used. It may be a few years yet before we see the result of long term use of botox but that doesn’t seem to concern those people who are using it at this moment.

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