Tanning Tips For Your Skin

In recent years an alternative to regular tanning has been to use sun-beds or booths; it has become the way to ensure a tan twelve months of the year. However, with more and more research coming out on the dangers and the risk of skin cancer, some are now turning to alternatives to the dangerous skin damaging practice. One of these newer methods is called sunless tanning which can be carried out at specialist salons or at regular beauty establishments. Although there are many other methods, spraying seems to provide the most even and consistent tan available at the moment.

In an effort to win even more followers, spray tanning manufacturers have developed systems where you can apply the tan at home. Whilst there are different ways to provide an alternative tan, the way to achieve it and make it longer lasting are the same. To ensure a good clean body surface to work with, you will need to remove any dead skin by exfoliation. This can stop the situation where dead skin cells gradually drop off leaving paler patches of skin which immediately tells people you have a fake tan.

Once that stage has been carried out it is best to apply a moisturizer to your whole body. Before applying a tanning agent, whether bottle or cream, ensure you are wearing gloves or the orange palms that will follow will give the game away. Also, apply lighter coats on the joints of your fingers, your knees, and your elbows as these areas will appear darker if you do not and the same applies to your feet. If you are using a spray tanning method then you will need an old towel to wipe any excess fluid away to stop streaking.

Try to stay as still as possible whilst any self tanning agent dries as it might smear and cause uneven patches. Remember that these agents aren’t prejudiced and will tan clothes just as well as they do your skin, so be careful when choosing what you wear afterwards. Another point to consider is the change of clothes you will need once the tan has been applied; take some dark clothes along that way you avoid any staining. With a little care there is no reason why you cannot have a golden brown skin color throughout the year whilst keeping the method you use a secret, if you just take note of the information provided here.

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