Hot Wax Hair Removal Techniques

For us women, there seems to be more pressure about removing body hair than their used to be. Although it does the job, shaving doesn’t leave you feeling silky smooth. You can obtain a very professional finish by using hot wax hair removal. Increasing numbers of women are using this method now as it has become the standard hair removal system.

With a plethora of hair removal products on the market some people may still be wondering why hot wax hair removal has lasted so well. There are some downsides to waxing away unwanted hair growth but there are some great benefits too. Some of the newer approaches to unwanted hair removal are not as cost effective as wax removal. Everyone knows that shaving is not the ideal method and or course if you cut yourself it doesn’t want to stop bleeding.

As always, a cut from shaving doesn’t want to stop bleeding and it will always happen just as you intend to go out. At least with wax removal you don’t have to worry about the 5pm shadow like a guy does or about little cuts. The best part about using hot wax hair removal is what happens when the hair grows back; it gets progressively thinner over time. The more I wax, the less hair returns, this makes the approach superior to shaving by far.

If you are old fashioned and still shave you must notice that the more you shave the quicker the hair returns. I know many people say how painful the hot wax hair removal method is but it is nowhere near as bad as it is portrayed. If you really want to experience pain you should try the Epilady. Unless you are a devout masochist, I would suggest you stay clear of this tiny but painful instrument. I got rid of mine after using it once, very, very briefly, I wouldn’t even let my worst enemy use it.

It was an old friend of mine that actually suggested I try hot wax hair removal when she was due for her next treatment so I could judge for myself. I bet if you try it too, you’ll be convinced and won’t go back to the other painful methods. It’s funny when you think about the poor press wax removal systems have for causing a little discomfort. If you compare the alternative methods available, wax removal doesn’t deserve its poor name.

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