A Guide for Buying Flat Irons

Are you tired of sporting the same old wavy look when it comes to your hair? Are you interested in giving a smooth and flat look to your hair? Then what you need is a flat iron. Flat irons are used to provide a shiny, smooth and flat look to your hair. They use a couple of heated plates and smooth the hair by placing strands of it between the plates and drawing them out slowly.

One of the most common flip sides of using a flat iron is that it causes dryness to your hair and scalp. Excessive usage of a flat iron could result in drying and damaging of hair forcing you to resort to hair conditioning products. Usage of flat iron also gives rise to occurrence of split ends and hair breakage. Thanks to advancement in technology, the flat irons of today are free from these problems and are actually beneficial for the hair. There are a number of aspects that should be kept in mind while buying a flat iron for your hair.

1.  The Size of The Plates

Avoid using conditioners before ironing your hair because it leads to frizz.
Felt irons are available with varying plate sizes and you can choose one depending on your need. In case you have voluminous hair that you want to straighten without much requirement for styling, choose a flat iron with a large plate. This will ensure that a large amount of hair can be straightened with every sweep. On the other hand, if you want to style your hair by taking small strands at one time, adding a frill to your look and doing your fringes, then look for a flat iron with small plates and rounded edges. With some expertise you can use the flat iron for making curls too!

2.  The Material of The Plate

There is a huge array of choice when you want to choose a material for the flat iron. Cheaper flat irons use metal for the plates. The problem with these metals is that they heat unevenly and might result in hair damage and dryness of hair. This will lead to expensive hair treatments in the long run. It is advised that you spend some more money and get a flat iron with a ceramic plate. These plates heat gently and evenly and ensure that the moisture of the hair is not lost.

In case price is not a factor while choosing a flat iron, you can choose one with a tourmaline plate. Tourmaline is a semi-precious stone and this technology is known to reduce the frizz during hair straightening processes.

3.  The Handle of The Flat Iron

There are a couple of choices when it comes to choosing the handle for your hair flat iron. You can choose the Marcel handle or the Spring handle. The Marcel handle allows you to apply pressure on the handle and control the affairs by holding the hair in place. On the other hand a Spring handle does the job of holding the hair in place by itself. Either of these is fit for personal usage. Though it is recommended that you choose the Marcel handle if you are experienced with the usage of a flat iron. It will allow you greater amount of control on the process.

4.  Heating

Heat settings for normal hair are 300 – 380 F and that for extremely curly hair are 350 – 400 F.
The heat that the flat iron generates is essential for attaining the straight, smooth look in your hair. Choose an iron with a high heat setting in case you have wavy or curly hair. It will be required for taking you through a day with smooth straight hair. In case you already have fine hair and want to use the iron for finishing touches, you can choose a flat iron with lower heat settings.

5.  Quality

Like with most beauty products, it is suggested that you choose a flat iron that has the reputation of a leader brand behind it. Try to avoid cheaper products as they often use metal plates and unsafe heating mechanisms for the flat iron. A good flat iron will easily last for a decade.

You should remember that hair is the most important aspect of a woman’s beauty and the last thing you would want is to have crumpled dry hair when you turn up at a party. Going cheap on your choice for flat irons can end up making you pay heavily in the form of hair treatment and social embarrassment.

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