Things to Consider with Henna Hair Dye

An excellent option for those who want to strengthen their hair and bring a beautiful natural color to their hair is henna hair dye. There is a wide range of options for hair color when it come to henna including coppers, auburns, reds, cinnamons, brown and burgundies. All the colors provide excellent volume while being radiantly rich and helping to give you thick, healthy locks. Why not use henna hair dye when you can have all of these benefits.

There are some things you need to consider first before you decide to start using henna hair dye because of these benefits. You should hold off on using henna hair dye if you have recently died or permed your hair or if you are planning on getting a perm in the near future. Henna hair dye is good for hair, but it doesn’t work with hair that is chemically treated. In order to avoid any type of problems you should wait at least thirty days from your perm or coloring. Remember too that henna hair dye stays in the hair for up to a year at a time in some cases.

Consider the Outcome

Before using henna hair dye always consider the  desired outcome. You will not lighten your hair with henna hair dye since it is a very powerful sticking dye. Using henna hair dye will make highlights in certain shades more intense for those with light colored hair. You may want to try a few different types of henna and herbal additives to achieve the exact shade you are looking for.

Each individual will have to make the important decision of whether or not it is worth it for them. Some find out that they don’t want to use henna hair dye and never return to it. Although others love the results and continue to use it for years to come. Whether or not you like the look it gives you will determine your experience with henna hair dye.

Applying Henna Hair Dye

Assume you head is shaped like a globe as you approach the application process. You should apply everything at the north pole so you don’t have to keep it in place with pins. Take a small partition of hair and start at the top. Apply the henna hair dye to the roots and skin closest to this partition of hair first.

Wind the hair in a clockwise direction. Apply more henna hair dye to the length of it as you wrap the hair. Then sit the hair on the top so that is looks like a small ball. When wrapping the rest of your hair you should use this as a guide like you are winding a ball of wool.

Then select a thin partition of hair that is located near the first one and wind it in an anti-clockwise direction. Repeat this process for the entire hair and make sure you do it in the opposite direction so that it is wrapped around the ball. Each partition of the hair should be closest to the ball. As you are winding the hair start at the roots and apply to the remaining length.

Without clips the hair should stay in place since it is piled at the top and the wrapping directions are alternated with each partition. It can take a varying length of time depending on how much coloring you want. Starting the coloring in the afternoon is the best time. You should wrap your head in newspaper once you are done. Then to prevent tainting your bed sheets at night you should wrap with a shower hood.

The henna hair dye will be kind of like a mud helmet on your head once you wake up in the morning. Wash with shampoo under the tap until the new hair shows its color.

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