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During the earliest recorded historical times the hip-hop hair style started, but recently is has grown in popularity to become a modern fashion statement. The dreadlocks or hip-hop hair is the latest hairstyle that has emerged as a fashion trend.

The Start of Dreadlocks

The belief that dreadlocks were started by Raggae rock musicians is a common mistake. Dreadlocks have evolved since the earliest of times into the style they are today. Several opinions exist for when the first appearance of the dreadlocks occurred, but they have existed since the early parts of history.

Many people have wore dreadlocks throughout history including the Australian aborigines, the tribes people in New Guinea, religious monks and several African tribes. Dreadlocks were a hair fashion trend when they first started. Rather for those who chose to wear dreadlocks they had deeper meaning.

It actually took several years and a long period of time for the creation of the modern dreadlocks. The hair was allowed to twist, knot and matte on its own over time for the early styles. The dreadlock style therefore resulted in a matted and knotted hairstyle.

With the start of Bob Marley in the mid-seventies the dreadlocks began to be promoted among musicians. This established the hairstyle as a part of the reggae rock scene and helped bring attention to the dreadlock fashion trend.

Dreadlocks resurfaced in the nineties among the rock groups and it became a hot new trend with the hair and beauty industry as it began to be exploited and promoted. Dreadlocks used to take five years to develop, but not people can get the style in as little as five hours if you go to a stylist. The multi-colored hair and the “dread perms” started along with a wide variety of other modified dreadlocks in the fashion industry. Many different people in the nineties adopted this style.

The dreadlock fashion trend was taken to the next level by John Galliano with his new fashion collection for Christian Dior. A variety of dreadlock inspired hairstyles were worn along with his Rasta inspired outfits by the runway models. To add glamour to the dreadlock inspired styles, fashion accessories such as matching silk scarves were used. The styles of dreadlocks were also worn up and either tied or pinned high on the scalp to provide a dramatic appearance. Add on hair was also worn by the models in multiple colors.

Caring for Dreadlock Hair

The dreadlock or hip-hop hairstyle still exists today although it is not as popular as it was in the nineties. The hairstyle may still re-emerge in a new trend. Dreadlock hair care items such as wax, shampoo and jewelry is being focused on by a new industry and is just one sign that this hairstyle is on the rise again. Known as KnottyBoy products there is a full line of products which features wax for blonde and brunettes, shampoo for the dreadlock hairstyle and several related accessories for those with dreadlock or hip-hop hair. We will likely continue to see new products added to the market regularly as the dreadlock and hip-hop hairstyle continues to grow.

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