HGH for Body building

Hormones, prior for treating its deficiency, were first used for body building purposes. Early studies have revealed that if hormones are injected into healthy people, they develop lean muscles, besides an increase in their strength and energy. The experience of athletes and body builders also suggest that constant use of hormones does help in this regard.

HGH, or Human Growth Hormone, maintains normal growth in children, and also helps in the regulation of metabolic processes like metabolism of fats and carbohydrates. So a prime reason behind our increase in storage of fat and muscles loss as we grow up is due to the fact that the HGH level gradually comes down as we grow up. HGH for body building ensures that these changes are reversed, and that gives athletes the winning edge. Many such people regularly get HGH injections.

However, there are certain problems in using HGH for body building as well, which should be noted by the athletes. NCAA and WADA have banned hormones, and if they conduct tests for athletes using banned substances during a competition, then the concerned athlete who takes these injections would be charged with doping. So HGH injections should not be administered in such cases. Also, all those substances which stimulate the release of such hormones are banned as well, so HGH injections are a strict no-no if drug testing is conducted by the authorities.

Another factor is efficacy. Is HGH really helpful for body building? Studies do claim so, but whether these physical changes have any impact on the athlete’s performance is debated. Increase in muscles may not mean increase in strength more than what a training regime provides. Also, HGH injections are laden with side effects which may negate the positive aspects of it.

HGH injections raise the blood level in the body above the normal level for a considerable period of time. The intentions of getting the athlete’s energy level to his days of yore may be noble, but the side effects cannot be discounted either. Over a period of time, using HGH for body building results in heart diseases, typhoid problems, diabetes, depression, etc. In fact, some of the physical changes are permanent.

Besides, HGH injections are costly. Their injection needs to be done by an expert, which is daily but may be limited to a few times in a week. The monthly cost for a full treatment may shoot up to thousands of dollars a month.

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