HGH Side Effects

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) had sparked many comments regarding the side effects of human growth hormone usage. The term side effect does not entirely refer to negative effects. The advantages of human growth hormone are proven by recent medical studies to be able to put a pause or even reverse many signs of aging such as memory loss, wrinkles in skin and hair loss. Human growth hormone has important effects on fat, protein and carbohydrate metabolism as well as being one of the important hormones to maintain a normal blood sugar level.

Although many individuals are trying out hormone treatments for various benefits including anti ageing, one must be aware of the HGH side effects before trying them out. A few of the HGH side effects are acromeglia, heart enlargement, low blood sugar levels, increased hair growth and in certain extreme conditions, death.

Before going for any kind of hormone therapy, you must consult your doctor. In order to minimize the harmful effects of HGH, you can increase the time span of the treatment. Lowering of the dosage levels is another way of combating HGH side effects.

The most common side effects of HGH therapy in human adults are joint pains, nerve compression and fluid retention. One can even get cancer or diabetes if administered very high doses of HGH. Many individuals who had undergone cadaver growth hormone replacement were diagnosed with colon cancer. However, a direct connection between HGH and colon cancer has not been found out yet.

All of us are aware of the fact that HGH is produced in our own body. Thus, the chances of side effect are quite rare. But in case of heavy dosage, there can be any of the aforementioned HGH side effects.

In some cases, one of the HGH side effects was hypoglycemia. Hypoglycemia is a condition when the body produces more the required amount of insulin and this leads to a decrease in the amount of glucose in the body. HGH increases the secretion of insulin in the body and this might cause individuals to suffer from hypoglycemia.

In case someone does not intake the prescribed amount of HGH and intakes HGH according to one’s own, there are chances of an increased belly. Especially in the case of those who take HGH for bodybuilding, the increased belly is a common HGH side effect.

HGH can also increase the speed of acromeglia in those who have a tendency towards it.

HGH can also stop the growth of the body and this leads to joint aches in numerous cases. But then, this is an HGH side effect that is temporary.

The carpel tunnel syndrome is also a possible side effect in those individuals who do not follow their prescribed doses of HGH. This syndrome leads to problems in hand movement coordination.

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