HGH for Weight Loss

HGH, or Human Growth Hormone, is commonly known as the master hormone, in medical science. It is present in our body in huge quantities when we are young, but as we approach the age of 20-21, the body produces these hormones in lesser quantities, and by 40, almost everybody is HGH deficient, and at the age of 80, the production diminishes by about 90 odd percent.

HGH has a bearing on all areas of the body, and it influences the growth of bones, cells, muscles, and organs. When growth hormone deficient, we experience muscles loss, reduced energy, lower sexual urge, increase in fat, and an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, resulting in low life expectancy. These are called the “aging” symptoms. As such, HGH like sytropin would be idle for people to lose weight. Recent studies have concluded that obese people are deficient in hormones, so they find it difficult losing weight. Research studies have also found that a mild dose of growth hormone has aided women in losing weight while keeping their muscles intact.

Researchers claim that the aim of losing weight is to keep the muscles and lose the fat, but no drug has been able to help in this regard till now. The study administered low doses of growth hormone to obese people to see whether they lose weight but not the muscles in the deal.

Researchers have claimed that previously, a high dose of growth hormone was given to people to test HGH for weight loss, which resulted in some side effects to the people who were administered those doses, like hypertension, swelling, joint pains, etc.

The study comprised of 59 obese people, having a BMI (a measure of weight in respect of height) of 37 on an average. These people injected themselves with 200 µg of growth hormones every night for a month, which increased to 400 µg and 600 µg per month respectively for men and women. The researchers claimed that it was necessary to increase the dose to prove that over time, resistance can be developed to the drug, mainly among the women. These people are asked to follow a given diet and were given instructions on modification of their lifestyle.

39 people completed this six-month course, and the results were that those who used HGH for weight loss lost about 5 lbs on an average, and it remained that way for a full year, save for a quarter, and this was just a loss of fat.

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