Different Methods For Whiter Teeth

In a perfect world, we would all have a healthy and shiny set of teeth that we could proudly show to anyone we meet. Unfortunately, that is not always the case, and many people have had to deal with a less than perfect smile for any number of reasons. It could be due to bad eating habits, poor hygiene, health issues, or simple neglect, but the fact of the matter is that few people have a smile that they can really be proud of. The food that we eat–starches, coffee and tea in particular–can really do a number on our teeth, leaving them yellowed or stained. Brushing your teeth can only do so much, and you will eventually have to resign yourself to teeth that aren’t as white as you would wish…unless you use teeth whitening methods, that is.

Choices in Teeth Whitening Methods

There are actually numerous methods for teeth whitening, many of which you can do at home. Two of the more popular ones are described below.

Teeth Whitening strips:

These strips are meant to be placed on the teeth to remove the layers of plaque, tartar, and discoloration agents that have built up over the years. These strips have the advantage of being readily available and inexpensive, and you can try them out without much risk.

Teeth Bleaching:

In some cases, staining agents have seeped into the teeth’s enamel so deeply that ordinary teeth whitening products simply do not work. In cases such as these, a stronger teeth whitening procedure is needed, and teeth whitening bleach is often used. This method relies on the chemical reaction of the bleach with the accumulated plaque and tartar, effectively loosening its grip on the teeth. The most commonly used chemical in this procedure is Hydrogen Peroxide, although Carbmide Peroxide is also often used.

There is a disadvantage to this teeth whitening method however, and that is the bleach can eventually wear away the enamel of the teeth. When this happens, you will be faced with a potentially more serious problem than discolored teeth.

In spite of the effectiveness and availability of these and other teeth whitening methods, prevention remains the best option for ensuring the shiny and healthy appearance of your teeth. Paying careful attention to the foods that you eat and the beverages that you drink for instance will benefit you more than teeth whitening methods done after the fact. With coffee and tea being well known causes of discoloration, it would be best to limit your consumption of these beverages. This way, even if your teeth eventually become discolored–as they inevitably will in spite of your best efforts–the teeth whitening methods that you do employ will be that much more effective.

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