How to Apply Cary Zoom Tooth Whitening

The zoom tooth whitening system is one of the most popular systems because this process is very fast, convenient and quite affordable. The process of whitening involves the oxygenation of the enamel, a chemical process that may not be supported by weak or damaged enamel.

This is why it is strongly advised to do first-time whitening with the dentist; after which you can adopt any of the home-made tooth whitening kits available in the market.

Checking Out Cary Zoom Tooth Whitening Possibilities

It is an accepted fact that the whitening process should not be carried out if there are cavities. These should first be sealed and only then the cary zoom tooth whitening can be applied. When the teeth enamel is already breached by the cary applying the whitening solution will harm it further. Not only that, it will also cause tremendous pain and discomfort. Even after the cary has been sealed it will need special attention so that the material used for the cary will not react adversely with the whitening agent.

Hence, the cary zoom tooth whitening solution is specially designed to take care of the sensitivity of the enamel which has been breached by the cary, as well as filling material with which it may be sealed. Other than that, the process of the whitening of teeth is exactly the same with the normal zoom tooth whitening system

The Process of Cary Zoom Tooth Whitening

The patient will need a one hour visit with the dentist for this process. The first thing they do is fix a rubber guard in the mouth in such a manner that the lips and gums are totally covered leaving only the teeth exposed. The gel usually is too strong for these soft tissues, and exposure to it may create lesions and irritation.

Then, the cary zoom tooth whitening gel is applied in a thin layer. As soon as the whole area of the teeth has been coated, the laser light will turned on and run over the portion which has the teeth covered with the cary zoom tooth whitening gel.

The laser light will run over the teeth for roughly one hour, during the period of which the chemicals that lighten up the enamel are released. After one hour, the gel is removed and you can go home. The chemical reaction will continue on your teeth between one and three days.

Hence, for about three days you will asked not to smoke, drink coffee or alcohol as all these three factors counteract the effects of the cary zoom tooth whitening process. The process will need to be repeated every six months, except in some cases, where the oral care is exceptional, the effect can last for the entire year.

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