Selecting a Tooth Whitening Gel

Within our technologically advanced society many strides have been made to make our lives easier. Some of these advancements improve our lives at work as well as at home, with computers and other communication devices to keep us touch and boost productivity. Progress also adds quality to our leisure time. This is demonstrated through high-quality entertainment systems, hundreds of channels for television viewing and the Internet.

In addition, technology allows for personal advancements. Opportunities to enhance our personal appearance include a short list such as contact lenses, hair transplants, and tooth whitening. Now, through the availability of tooth whitening gel, the removal of stains built up from drinking coffee, smoking, and aging can easily be accomplished from the comfort of home. But there are a few tips to keep in mind about tooth whitening gel.

What to Look for in Tooth Whitening Gel

When purchasing your tooth whitening gel get the product that is the most fluid in texture. As our teeth are porous, this allows for optimum absorption and results. Also, because of the texture of tooth whitening gel it stands to reason that the "gel-like" material will adhere to the teeth longer, allowing for better stain removal.

Tooth whitening gel comes in various strengths, with the higher percentage being the more powerful in terms of stain removal. The primary ingredient of tooth whitening gel is carbamide peroxide. However, the greater the percentage of carbamide peroxide in the tooth whitening gel, the higher the risk of the teeth becoming sensitive to hot and cold food and drinks. This sensitivity is a temporary condition, however, lasting up to three days following completion of the treatment.

How the Process Works

The tooth whitening gel will generally be included in your purchased tooth whitening kit. Also included in this kit will be at least two mouth trays. These mouthpieces are malleable and when immersed in hot water for a few seconds they are placed over the upper and lower rows of your teeth for you to bite down on, creating a mold. When the impressions of your teeth are captured, the tooth whitening gel is added to the reservoirs of the mouthpieces and then piece slides back over the teeth.

While you are sleeping, the tooth whitening gel will begin its work. This process begins as hydrogen peroxide and oxygen starts to permeate the enamel and bleach the stains that are trapped within the pores of the tooth. The result is a whitening of the teeth through the scrubbing away of the discolorations.

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