Are You Looking For a Home Tooth Whitening Product?

Thanks to the emerging trends of maintaining a perfect personal appearance, the aesthetics of the teeth and mouth has come to the forefront on the priority lists of many people in our country- and the world over for that matter. The industry which looks after this particular angle of beautifying is touching 600 million dollars today and its growth rate is estimate at about 30 percent yearly.

Why so People Opt for a Home Tooth Whitening Product?

People the world over search for products which offer them convenience and cost effectiveness at the same time. The home tooth whitening product offers them both these qualities as it is convenient, and highly affordable.

At a glance, the laser tooth whitening treatment costs about $200-1000 while the home tooth whitening product would never exceed $35. You will agree that this makes for a great difference.

The Pros and Cons of Using a Home Tooth Whitening Product

Here is a look at the strengths and weaknesses of a home tooth whitening product:

The strengths:

  • It is extremely convenient; can be done overnight at home without any hassle to get an appointment with the dentist
  • It gives excellent results if you follow the instructions to the T; works best if used post a laser whitening treatment
  • It is affordable
  • It is extremely easy to use

The weaknesses:

  • It might give your teeth high sensitiveness post the treatment
  • It does not deliver on their promise if they are used as a first-time whitening system
  • It may provoke acute pain and tooth sensitiveness - in case there were caries/cavities prior to the whitening process

Hence, if you are looking for a decent home tooth whitening product, you should first visit a dentist who will check your teeth and advise you what type of treatment you will require.

Not only you should know whether you have cavities or not prior to the treatment, you should also know whether the enamel of your teeth is sensitive or not; and if it is, how much fluoride is required to protect the teeth from further sensitivity.

You will also need to know which foods or drinks can adversely affect your whitening process. Only after learning everything on these aspects you can go and use the help of a home tooth whitening product to whiten your teeth.

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