How to Choose the Best Tooth Whitening Kit

People all over the world today are obsessed with their looks; and maintaining the beauty of their teeth makes for a multi-billion industry world wide. In the U.S, particularly this industry is growing at an astonishing rate of 20-25 percent per year. Tooth whitening is one of the most popular beautifying processes undertaken by the people world over.

People are always in search of the best tooth whitening kit; however this is actually a myth. There is no such thing as the best tooth whitening kit. It all depends on the way you use it, and the way you maintain your teeth after the whitening process is done.

The best thing is not to search for the best product but to search for the best hand to apply it for you. In other words if you want an excellent job, you should identify the best dentist you have around you - not the best tooth whitening kit.

The most popular process involves laser light being passed on a special gel for fast and excellent results. A good dentist will charge anything between $200 and $1000 for this process. Now, compare this cost with the cost of a home-based kit which comes at as little of $15-20 per kit. However, good the best tooth whitening kit can be, it can never compete with the customized way that the dentist can give you with the professional laser treatment.

How do you expect then, a kit of $20 to compete with the handiwork priced at $1000 plus the expertise of the dentist? This is why the search for the best tooth whitening kit is actually a waste of time.

All the kits are more or less the same. They are more effective on teeth with yellowish tinge rather than those who have grayish discoloration. It is advisable to have your first whitening process with a dentist; then you could use home made kits as a follow-up method.

The disadvantage with the home based kits is that they never deliver what they promise. There is no way that the home kits can ever match the work of a dentist or the efficiency of the laser whitening.

This is why you should use the home based kits only a follow up measure; as follow-up this will reinforce the results that were produced by the laser treatment and maintain the beauty of the teeth.

Whether you choose the home kit or the laser treatment, keep in mind that unless you take care of your diet, your teeth will suffer no matter what treatment you use.

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