Considering Opalescence Tooth Whitening Gel

Teeth discoloration is a process that is contributed to by many factors such as the use of coffee, tea, soft drinks, tobacco products and other foods. Also, adding to the staining of our teeth is the natural aging process.

There have been many procedures developed that can reverse the discoloration of our teeth. Some of these procedures can only be administered through a qualified dentist. However, there are many other many dental products exist on the market that can help to restore the luster and healthy appearance of our teeth. One of these products is opalescence tooth whitening gel.


Opalescence tooth whitening gel is a tooth whitening agent utilized by countless people to whiten their teeth. This in-home product utilizes a syringe to dispense the 10% carbamide peroxide product.

Additional ingredients include the use of fluoride and potassium nitrate. These added components lessen the sensitivity of the teeth. Opalescence tooth whitening gel has been proven to be a safe and effective stain removing whitening gel. This product also is manufactured in three various strengths which matches the intensity of the stains upon the individual's teeth.

The adhesive texture of the opalescence tooth whitening gel is bonding in nature which allows for better adherence to the surface of the individual's teeth. The adhesiveness of the product allows for more timely results and additionally, the texture minimizes leakage within the tray.

The degree of stain removal by opalescence tooth whitening gel varies from person to person, but it is assuring to know that this product is approved by the American Dental Association.


The opalescence tooth whitening gel kit you obtain will contain the gel, syringe and mouth trays and instructions that should be followed diligently.

Optimum use of this product should include a visit to the dentist prior to your home treatment. Your dentist visit should include a dental exam and allow for questions regarding the use of opalescence tooth whitening gel.

Instructions include placing the gel within the pocketed areas of the tray. These pocketed areas are located on the outer portion of the inside of the tray. Then fit the tray over the teeth and remove any excess gel. Overnight treatments may cover a range of three to eight nights. Prior to your treatments the teeth should be brushed thoroughly.

Following your treatment, the removed tray should be thoroughly rinse and cleaned. The bristles of your toothbrush should serve as a good cleaning tool.


The use of opalescence tooth whitening gel has been shown to be an effective whitening agent for discolored or stained teeth. The whitening results vary from patient to patient, however, improvements are often noticed very early in the process.

Additionally, the results are rapid which encourages the continual use of the product. Another advantage to the use of opalescence tooth whitening gel is the indications that the whitening maintains its luster measured in years.

However, it is important to note that restorative dental procedures, such as porcelain caps and white fillings, are not affected by the opalescent tooth whitening gel.

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