Paradise Zoom Tooth Whitening: Information, Types and Benefits

With the enormous amount of whitening products available today, it can seem like a difficult and altogether arduous task just to choose the right one. Paradise Zoom Tooth Whitening is a product which is becoming increasingly popular due to the rave reviews it has received.

The Paradise Zoom Tooth Whitening system is an all-inclusive whitening system, in that it supplies the dentist with all of the required bleaching materials, including the tooth whitener, the bleaching light, as well as many of the disposable and single patient use items that all dentists require when performing teeth whitening services.

What Type of Tooth Whitener is used in the Paradise Zoom Tooth Whitening System?

This system uses a hydrogen peroxide based tooth whitener, and comes prepared as two individual components: a 32% hydrogen peroxide gel and a proprietary activator. The system also includes the use of a mercury metal halide light, with which an implication is associated that the use of a bleaching light activates some aspect of the product as to enhance the overall whitening effect.

How Does the Paradise Zoom Tooth Whitening System Work?

There are six basic steps which are followed in this system. First, the dentist checks the patient's teeth and gums, in order to decide whether or not the patient's gums are even healthy enough to handle the bleaching. Next, if the patient is able to proceed, the dentist will embark on a short preparation to isolate the patient's lips and gums.

From there, the dentist applies the whitening gel, and in order to activate the gel the dentist must then apply a specially designed, low-heat light that penetrates the patient's teeth. The dentist will repeat this twenty-minute gel application two more times, and in order to end the procedure, the patient finally undergoes a five-minute fluoride treatment.

How good is the Paradise Zoom Tooth Whitening Product?

Deciding whether or not you want to use this particular system is a choice which should be made after speaking to your dentist, who will be performing the whitening treatments. Overall, however, the general review on this product is that it is a fine quality product, and that generally speaking those who have used it are completely satisfied.

One of the biggest reasons for praise is in regards to the fact that the length of this system's use is roughly an hour; and thus speed in itself is a reason for the product's popularity.

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