What is Professional Zoom Tooth Whitening?

You will observe that in spite of the most meticulous oral care; teeth will anyway lose their white color. Sometimes the discoloration will be towards a yellowish tinge and sometimes it will be towards gray. This mostly depends on the life style of person and the amount of time they give to the care of their teeth. People who smoke and have lots of coffee will be most likely to get acute discoloration of teeth.

Why is Professional Zoom Tooth Whitening so Popular?

Today people have no time or inclination to undergo long and cumbersome beauty improvement sessions. They all look for quick-fix jobs which are effective, easy to use and affordable. In these matters, the professional zoom tooth whitening is a method that matches all the required criteria.

It is fast, it is convenient and it is cost-efficient. There are other methods that are cheaper than the professional zoom tooth whitening; however the alternatives take about three weeks to complete while the zoom process takes only three days at best.

How Does the Professional Zoom Tooth Whitening Work?

The process to follow this method is simple -he person is seated on the dentists chair and his mouth is held open with the help of a special retractor which will protect the lips and gums from the whitening gel. It has been found that the gel causes lesions on the gums and/or lips if they are exposed to it for long times.

After the professional zoom tooth whitening gel is applied over the teeth, the laser light will be beamed over the covered area for about an hour. Through this process, the Zoom gel will release the chemical necessary to whiten the teeth.

The one hour required to sit in the dentist's chair is all the hard work you will need to do. The rest will be taken care by itself. The whitening gel will keep working for another two to three days on the teeth time during which you should not drink any alcohol, coffee or smoke. It is also advised not to use any alcohol-based mouthwash.

Once the process is complete the effects of the professional zoom tooth whitening will last for approximately six moths to one year. Depending upon the care you give your teeth and the type of food you consume, you may have to repeat the process once or twice a year.

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