Professional Tooth Whitening: A Simple Yet Extremely Efficient Way to Improve One's Looks

There is nothing more important today than the way you look. Everything is centered on your appearance and many times your personal comfort level too depends on the way you think your appearance compares to others.

Hence, it is not surprising that the beauty-related industries be it cosmetics, or beauty salons, or plastic surgery or aesthetic dentistry that are so much in demand.

Why is Tooth Whitening so Popular?

Professional tooth whitening is one of the easiest ways to improve one's appearance. It is fast, affordable and the impact really great. Hence, people go for it all the time. The most popular method is the professional bleaching of the teeth. In this process, the teeth are treated with carbamide peroxide, an active ingredient which releases a great amount of oxygen into the enamel of the teeth making it a few shades lighter.

The compound is usually applied to the teeth with the help of a special tray which protects the gum during this process. The best thing with the professional tooth whitening process is that it is fast and very efficient.

You can have your teeth totally white in a matter of two days; the process itself takes about 1-2 hours at best for the dentist to start the process; but then it has to be followed up with re-application of about 30 minutes over the next two-three weeks. However, there would be visible impact within two days' time.

There are other improved products today that can be applied overnight which speeds up the process a lot. In this way the process can be finished within one week, instead of two to three weeks which most home kits require.

What are the Other Choices for Professional Tooth Whitening?

Bleaching is only one of the many methods adopted to whiten the teeth. The other options for professional tooth whitening are laser treatment which is extremely efficient and fast. Of course, it is also more expensive but may be worth it given its convenience and speed. However, it is always good to have an estimate calculated before you undergo the treatment lest the end bill be more than you had expected.

The professional tooth whitening can last for three to four years depending upon your life style. Your dentist will advise you on what are the contraindications once the treatment has been completed.

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