Toothache Pain

Toothache pain can become unbearable. There are times you seriously think about taking out a pair of pliers, getting the best grip you can, closing your eyes, taking a deep breath and yanking the painful tooth from your mouth to get some relief. While this may sound drastic there are those who have had toothache pain and know that you would be willing to do pretty much anything to gain relief except go the dentist. But what can you do? Likely you have heard thousands of home remedy tips from thousands of people.

What Causes Toothaches?

You should know what causes your toothache pain in the first place before you start to find a good home remedy. Even if you think you know what causes a toothache you will be surprised. The most common causes include a cavity and cracked or broken teeth. Although there are other causes and you should know exactly what is causing your pain before you find the relief you need. A toothache can be caused by a sinus problem, migraines can cause toothaches, another cause of toothaches is TMJ and stress can even cause a toothache.

There Are Holes In My Teeth?

For simplicity this article will assume that the root of all your pain and the reason for finding toothache relief is a cavity. Most people know what a cavity is, but if you don’t the following is a simple explanation. A cavity is basically a hole in your tooth that has eaten through the outermost coating of the tooth which is known as the enamel. Until the cavity reaches the nerve endings which cause a lot of pain the cavity will continue to eat away at your tooth.

Who Cares What A Cavity Is. How Do I Get Toothache Relief?

You can now begin looking for a toothache remedy since you know what is causing your toothache. There are so many home remedies available there isn’t enough space to write on them so this article will focus on the most popular methods. Although remember that a home toothache remedy is only temporary and you will need to see a dentist to find a permanent solution to your toothache.

The Native Indian used the bark of a butternut tree for toothache relief. Before applying to the gums make sure there are no ants or termites attached and you may also want to ask your dentist before trying this method.

A saltwater mouthwash works well. Also a gentle massage on the gums will help since the nerves can only carry a single sensation at a time. Before massaging it is best to wash your hands. Cloves, ground pepper and coke syrup are good for toothaches.

The pain can be relieved by taking one or two aspirin every three to four hours. Although don’t place it directly on your gums since this may lead to aspirin burns and it also tastes bad. Whiskey on the gums is also said to be good for toothaches both for teething babies and adults.

How To Avoid Eating An Aspirin Sandwich

Seeing your dentist and avoiding a cavity in the first place are the best ways to get toothache relief. Although for a kid or an adult today that loves sweet stuff it seems almost impossible to avoid getting a cavity. Sweets and sugar aren’t the only things to get you in trouble. Problems can also result from improper dental hygiene as well.

More than brushing is required to keep your teeth clean and healthy. You need a daily ritual of mouthwash, flossing and brushing to keep them clean. Sometimes two or three times a day is necessary and you should see a dentist as least once every six months. The same instructions you were taught as a kid still apply for dental care.

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