Consult a Dentist Before Going for Zoom Tooth Whitening System

With a variety of finance options available in the market, zoom tooth whitening system is becoming popular among the masses as the price of the fast, effective, and long-lasting system drops within reach of most people's budgets. Basically, the zoom tooth whitening system uses a hydrogen-peroxide-based tooth whitener. The package contains two components: One is a 32% hydrogen peroxide gel and the other is a proprietary "activator." At the time of application of the gel on the tooth, the two combine so that the mixture has a 25% concentration of hydrogen peroxide and a pH between 7.5 and 8.5.

Use of Light

The zoom tooth whitening system also uses a mercury metal halide light emitting at a wavelength in the range of 300 to 400nm. The light in this specific wavelength activates some part of the zoom whitener to enhance the whitening effect, and also has an infrared filter. This is a very significant piece of the process as it filters the emissions to minimize the amount of heat generated at the surface of the teeth during the whitening treatment.

Another unique feature of the light is that when the bleaching light is placed in the desired position, it is capable of illuminating all of the teeth being treated simultaneously, including both the upper and lower jaw. The price of this bleaching light is around $1,500.

Time Needed to Finish the Treatment

A dentist performing zoom tooth whitening system on a patient takes about 90 minutes to complete the process. Each bleaching session is broken down into three individual applications of the tooth whitener, the duration of each application being 20 minutes. This means that the patient's teeth get a cumulative exposure of around 60 minutes to the tooth whitening gel. The dentist takes an extra 30 minutes in the pre and post gel application process, making the total time for treatment with the zoom tooth whitening system 90 minutes.

At the end of zoom tooth whitening system, an additional whitener is given to the patient, so that they can continue the bleaching process at home without supervision. Specific instructions are also given by the dentist on how to apply the whitener at home, so that the patient does not commit any mistakes. It is best to consult a dentist and decide whether or not you should go for a zoom tooth whitening system.

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