Acai Berry Wonder

Acai Berry is a common word buzzing American health markets today. It is a wonder fruit from Amazon rain forests. Though research on Acai berry is not complete yet, several studies have proved the rich health benefits of this berry. Researchers call it by names like ‘the #1 Superfood of the world’, ‘World’s healthiest food’ and ‘the most wholesome food’ found today.

Acai berry is a regular part of the diet of people living in Brazilian rain forests. For Americans it is a bit new discovery. Loaded with antioxidants in an amount not found in any other food on earth, it has become an attraction for both consumers and scientists. Companies market it as a tasty way of fighting cholesterol and loosing weight.

Harvesting of Acai Berry

Acai berry grows on top of 60 ft tall Acai palm trees. Farmers have to climb tall trees to get the fruit. It is small in size, same as grapes but has a big seed, that covers 80% of the fruit, leaving only 20% edible pulp. Acai berry has five times more antioxidants than red wine and more amounts of healthy fatty acids than olive oil.

Acai berry fruit is available twice a year. Tall trees have hundreds of tasty berries hanging from them. It is a blessing for people living in Brazilian forests. Fruit is very delicate and cannot be stored for long.  It has to reach markets and companies to process as soon as possible. However it does not lose any nutrients on preservation. Companies can produce and market it as juice, pulp, dried or freeze dried powder.

Companies have hit a jackpot and sell this fruit and products derived from it at very high prices in US markets. They buy produce from local farmers of Amazon forests. Farmers are also benefiting from selling these berries. It is a good discovery for our environment as well. Farmers now will protect and plant more Acai palm trees, preserving Amazon forest. Cutting of tress for wood and clearing of land will reduce. Companies supply Acai berry powder alone or mixed with other ingredients. Consumers must buy depending upon their requirements. 

Benefits of Acai Berry

Acai berry pulp is a common ingredient of juices, cold beverages like smoothies and shakes in Brazil. Its antioxidants, high fiber, amino acids, iron and healthy monounsaturated fats make it very healthy. Acai berry also improves libido, providing the strength and stamina. It is good for sound sleep and concentration. Acai berry also reduces pain, inflammation and soreness. It helps in loosing extra pounds as it improves digestion and metabolism.  

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