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Nothing is more relaxing than to sink into a hot bath after a hard day of work, school, kids, or a combination of the three. If tranquility is your destination at the end of the day, or any day you need a break, then aromatherapy may be right for you.

Aromatherapy is not just another New Age invention that escapes the land of manufactured products; it actually works well for your mind, body, and spirit. Here is some background on aromatherapy.

The Basics

Aromatherapy is a type of natural physical and psychological healing method that uses essential plant oils that can be rubbed into the skin, or inhaled. Such plants are juniper, rosemary, lavender and sage that were first used in the days of ancient China, in which the Chinese used such herbs for medicinal purposes.

In later centuries, aroma herbs were used to fight off the Black Death in the 16th century, and perfumers became popular in the 19th century, creating natural fragrances (perfumes) from plant oils. Today, what is now called aromatherapy has become popular, as the shift towards natural lifestyles has taken place.

Essential Oils

The main ingredient in any aromatherapy product is essential oils. Essential oils are the liquid essence of the original plant. A very concentrated substance, essential oil comes in small bottles and is diluted using a mix of water and carrier oils to be applied to the skin. If you are inhaling essential oils, be certain to use a light dose of the fluid, as too much of it can be hazardous to your health.

What It Can Do

The uses of aromatherapy are many. Some people use aromatherapy candles or incense, and breathe in the soothing scent of various fragrances. The scent is said to set off a chemical reaction in the brain, creating a mental state of relaxation. Other types of oils, salts and lotions can be used on the skin, creating the same effect except physical. Others use aromatherapy as a way to look and feel younger and more vibrant.

Everyone needs to relax at some point in the day, or the week. Whether you do it every night, or wait until a long Sunday to loosen up your senses and muscles, choosing aromatherapy is a smart way to unwind. With natural ingredients and a beautiful fragrance, it is a truly earthy way to celebrate yourself.

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