Aromatherapy Electric Diffuser

There are so many ways to make a room smell terrific: potpourri, candles, sprays, even those wacky jars stuffed with reeds (called reed diffusers). Fans of essential oils though, might get stumped for ways to let the oil scents fill a room. Two of the most popular methods are using cool evaporation and plugging in an aromatherapy electric diffuser.


The technique of using cool air to carry the fragrance of an essential oil has been around since the days of the Egyptians, and possibly even earlier. It's simple - fill a shallow stone, wood, or metal bowl with 15 to 20 drops of your favorite oil blend. Let it sit, then sniff the air! You can also find wood discs impregnated with oils to use in your car as air fresheners.

Some products take advantage of heat as well by placing a thin metal bowl on a stand that sits over a votive candle.

Aromatherapy Electric Diffuser

Most of these devices resemble small egg-shaped, space-age buildings. An aromatherapy electric diffuser has a small tray at the bottom that holds a cotton pad. After placing about 20 drops of your favorite essential oil on the pad, slide the tray shut and plug the diffuser in. A fan will begin to run to create a gentle air current to help the scent of the oil spread throughout the room within minutes.

The essential oil drops will need to be added to the pad again every couple of hours. Also, you may find that you can no longer smell the fragrance of the oils after 30 minutes. Don't worry! This doesn't mean the aromatherapy electric diffuser has stopped working. It's just that our senses of smell adapt to a continuous scent and essentially, stop registering it. Take a walk outside for a couple deep breaths, and then return to the room. Voila, the fragrance is back!

A nebulizing diffuser is the right choice if you want to fill your entire house with a fragrance. These work by turning the essential oil into a mist that is sprayed into the air by a pump. There are many options in design and color to match with décor.

You can find an aromatherapy electric diffuser that runs on batteries if portability is a concern. Some travelers like to set up their diffusers in hotel rooms to create a cozy atmosphere.

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