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Alternative healing is a hot topic today. When it comes to aromatherapy information, the challenge isn't finding information - it's finding good, reliable information. We're here to help.


If you're considering using aromatherapy for any kind of medicinal or therapeutic purpose, your first stop for aromatherapy information should be a certified aromatherapist.

The essential oils used for aromatherapy are very strong, and can damage your health if not used properly. A professional can explain the properties of different oils to you and demonstrate the safest way to use them.

Ask where the aromatherapist was trained, and for how long they've worked in the field. You're better off getting aromatherapy information from someone who went through a reputable program and has years of experience instead of your next-door neighbor who just bought her first bottle of sunflower oil. Your skin will thank you for being careful!

Also take a moment to check with your regular doctor to make sure your current medications or conditions won't have any adverse reactions to aromatherapy treatments.

Scientific Journals

Ok, for non-scientists, probably not the most enthralling literature. But as a source of accurate aromatherapy information, scientific journals can't be beat. This is a great way to sort the garbage - 'aromatherapy cures cancer!' - from the gold. The more outlandish the claim, the more time you should take going over the research.

If you have access to a university library account, finding relevant articles is painless. Most libraries now have their catalogs and a wide selection of journal articles online.

Journals are also a terrific resource for learning more about the plants that yield the oils. Geographic origin, species, even folklore can give you suggestions for how to use the unique properties of each plant's essential oil appropriately. You may stumble across a use no one else has heard of!

Books Authors have sorted aromatherapy information into encyclopedias, recipe collections, how to books, and even websites. Your library will probably have a decent selection to save you from spending a fortune at the bookshop before you get a feel for what's useful.

Read the author's biography to check their background before relying on their advice. Reviews of the book posted online are a good place to look at testimonials and recommendations.

Try to find sources of aromatherapy information apart from people that sell essential oils. You want accurate information, not just a seller's spiel.

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