Aromatherapy Scent: Benefits, Fact and Figure

An aromatherapy scent is a soothing benefit of the essential oils that we sometimes use to relax and beat stress. Aromatherapy is achieved by releasing essential oil into the air that we breathe and by inhaling those scents we activate our senses into different modes and moods.

The aromatherapy essential oils are made out of natural plants and herbs that have the power to de-stress and sometimes heal the body and mind. Through the aromatherapy scent we offer our body the soothing aroma that puts us in touch with nature's natural ways of healing.

Picking Your Own Scent

Each aromatherapy essential oil releases a specific scent which in turn activates specific senses that work together to help us achieve the wellness we are looking for. Choosing the right essential oil can be quite a task at times however, most aromatherapy shops have knowledgeable personnel who can assist you in choosing what is right for you.

Here is a quick guide to aromatherapy scents and their benefits:

  • To concentrate use aromatherapy essential oils with scents such as lemon, orange, grapefruit, lemongrass and bergamot.
  • To invigorate use scents such as peppermint, basil, eucalyptus, cedar and cinnamon.
  • To create a well being atmosphere use aromatherapy essential oil with scents such as vanilla, neroli, ylang ylang, rose and sandalwood.

Facts and Figures

  • Each one of us has a different body scent including plants and animals
  • 30 roses are used to make a single drop of rose essential oil
  • Each of the essential oil scents has its own property and curing powers such as uplifting, calming, or de-stressing


In order to get the right aromatherapy scent for the right occasion and time you will need to spend a little time familiarizing yourself with them. It will benefit you greatly in the long run and you will never want to go back to the scentless, colorless world.

We all look for natural ways to enhance our lives without spending too much time and money on it; after all we all have busy life styles and one should not have to stop what one is doing in order to be healthy or happy. Aromatherapy scent brings you just what you are looking for in a jar; it is easy to use, fairly inexpensive and has maximum effect.

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