The New Option: Facial Hair Laser Removal

We all have unwanted hair someplace on our bodies at some point in our lives. This can be the legs, face, back, bikini line or any other place on the body. An embarrassing condition is faced by millions of women. Instead of the silky smooth skin on their face that most desire they have unsightly facial hair instead. To conceal this unsightly blemish many women go through painstaking tasks and measures. Some women can conceal the condition well enough that close friends and significant others don’t know about it. These women shave, tweeze, wax, bleach or some combination of these methods on a regular basis. Although skin irritation and permanent damage can result from these methods while also causing the hair growth to be darker and stronger.

The Laser Option

For women the most popular procedure is facial hair laser removal. This procedure is normally used on the chin and upper lip. This method is fast, easy and comfortable compared to waxing and electrolysis. In as little as ten minutes a treatment can be complete. Even when the hair isn’t grown out this treatment can be effective and there are no negative effects like you get with some other hair removal methods.

For complete facial hair laser removal you will have to make multiple visits. Although after just one treatment you will notice a significant difference in permanent hair loss. Once you realize how close you are to the desired smooth and silky skin your life will greatly improve after just one treatment.

Cause of Unsightly Facial Hair

Facial hair will worsen with a woman’s age. The invisible vellus hairs convert to the larger terminal hairs on a woman’s facial skin as they age. The hair thickens over the years and becomes a cosmetic problem that may require women to undergo facial hair laser removal.

The Process of Laser Removal

The process works by focusing on the dark color in the melanin pigment of the hair follicle. This means the process doesn’t affect the skin and surrounding tissue while it works on compromising the root of the hair. Since melanin is only produced during the growth phase the appropriate portion of the hair growth cycle must be targeted by the laser light.

Spaced intervals must be planned since hair doesn’t grow in the same cycle throughout the entire body and the treatment process must cover all hair cycles. This gives assurance of hair growth prevention since it helps to disable the hair follicles. You will not only remove the unsightly hair growth with facial hair laser removal, but you will also get rid of the dark hairs under the skin to prevent the five o’clock shadow effect.

Facial hair laser removal is a highly effective method of permanent hair removal. It can also be customized to the skin and hair type of an individual through multiple laser types that have been approved by the FDA. Those who perform facial hair laser removal are experts in the method of treatment. Consider laser removal if you have unwanted facial hair or unwanted hair anywhere on your body since it is a fast and less painful solution compared to the other options. Other methods are quickly becoming obsolete thanks to facial hair laser removal.

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