Tips for an Angelina Jolie Hairstyle

Angelina Jolie is known for hair that is grown long and strong. Show how do you get an Angelina Jolie hairstyle with long and strong uniform hair? You can’t simply have an Angelina Jolie hairstyle instantly. You need to have time and patience to work with your hair during the growth cycle in order to have long and strong hair. To help your hair reach its maximum potential during the growth cycle there are many options.

Taking the Time

You need to have commitment and focus to have an Angelina Jolie hairstyle It is also a good idea to make sure you have the right hair to go with this style before starting. You will not be able to maintain your hair past a medium length if it is thin, fine or severely damaged. The overall length a hair is able to grow may also be affected by environmental factors and prescription medications. You will still need time, effort and focus even if you have the right hair type to grow your hair long and strong. You will have to be prepared to wait at least five years to get your hair to grow at least thirty inches. It is up to each individual to determine if they are willing to wait this long for their hair to grow or if they want to try another hairstyle instead.

Growing Your Hair

It is important to get rid of the damaged parts of your hair during the start of your growth cycle. Some prefer to do this themselves while other prefer to go to the hairdresser and have them do it by telling them to trim off the damaged and split ends since they want their hair to grow long and strong. You can also discuss the proper handling of your damaged hair with your hairdresser and they can give you tips on starting a good condition program.

It is important to trim your hair every eight to ten weeks as you grow it. You hair will look and feel healthy as a result. As you hair grows through the stages this will also help your hair to maintain its shape. It is always important to have regular trims done even if you hair doesn’t look like it needs it. Use high quality and professional scissors if you are going to trim it yourself. The delicate ends of your hair will be ripped and torn with dull scissors.

The Role of Diet

Making sure you take the right vitamins and minerals is a major part of keeping your hair healthy. Nutritional deficiencies can lead to a thinning of the hair. An under active thyroid can lead to frizzy and brittle hair while an over active thyroid can cause greasy or limp hair. If you have a healthy and well nourished body on the inside you will have the best hair on the outside.

To help you maximize the genetic growth cycle of your hair you should take a proper blend of amino acids and B Vitamins. You should include Vitamin B-6, Biotin, Inositol and Folic Acid in your supplemental program. Some important minerals that you should include in your diet are magnesium, sulfur, silica and zinc in order to maintain healthy hair. It is important to have Beta-Carotene in your diet to help your hair growth. Normal growth and bone development is helped through this. These can be found in green and yellow vegetables and fruit.


It is important to avoid unnecessary brushing, combing or handling when you are trying to grow your hair long and strong. It is very important to invest in the proper brush. Don’t use a brush with tiny knobs on the end of the bristles since this will rip or tear the hair.

You shouldn’t do excessive brushing. You should only brush enough so that you remove any knots and style your hair. Excessive brushing can lead to split ends and ripped hair. You should bend forward when brushing and allow your hair to gently fall over your face. Use a brush with natural bristles and a wooden base when possible. Brush over your head after starting at the nape of your neck and then work down to the end of the strands. To reduce static after each brush stroke you can use your hands. Since damage can result, you should never brush wet hair and always wait until you have completely dry hair to brush.

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