Tips for a Jennifer Lopez Hairstyle

Jennifer Lopez used to have a long curling hairstyle that she recently changed to a shoulder length bob style. She has long side-swept bangs in addition to the bob style to give a personal touch to the traditional bob style. You can either take a photo of Jennifer Lopez to your hairdresser and ask them to style it for you or you can follow the following tips to get a Jennifer Lopez hairstyle yourself at home.

Styling Steps to a Jennifer Lopez Hairstyle

Step One: Washing

Shampoo and condition your hair with a product that is specifically designed for your hair texture and condition is the first thing you need to do to get a Jennifer Lopez hairstyle. It is a good idea to use a moisture enhanced or color enriched shampoo and conditioner for those who have highlighted hair like Jennifer Lopez. To protect your hair if you have a dry texture as a result of chemical processing you can dilute the shampoo formula.

Those who have fine or thin hair can use a volume enhancing shampoo. You should avoid rinse-out conditioning products since they will make hair soft and flat. You should use any rinse-out conditioner sparingly and only in the middle to the ends of the hair if you must use it. You should rinse well with cool water after shampooing and conditioning to increase the volume and shine level of your hair.

Step Two: After Washing

You should towel dry only after washing your hair and you should detangle from the ends up to the roots if needed. You should add a volumizing gel or other products to the roots if you need it. A good addition for protection against heat and to add body is a leave-in conditioner, mousse or gel. When applying these products you should apply from the top of the ears to the ends of the hair with as even a distribution as possible. For those who have hair that tends to frizz or has a natural wave or curl to it you should use a volume product with a smoothing serum.

Step Three: Brushing

When blow drying your hair you should use a boar’s head or natural round brush to help straighten the hair and give it additional body. To help lift up your hair and add volume at the roots you can also use a round brush at the roots. Directing the air flow from the blow dryer up towards the roots will also help. Use a round brush to roll individual sections and direct the blow dryer towards the ends after you hair is dry to help straighten the hair and add additional shine. To finish the hair it is helpful to end with a blast of cool air if possible. Next use a comb and apply the needed part for your hairstyle based on your individual preferences and needs.

Step Four: Curling

You will need to separate the hair into two or three inch sections if you want Jennifer Lopez’s curl style rather than her bob style. Start near the roots on the sides and create big curls with a one and a half inch curling iron. Pin the hair into place carefully with a bobby pin after releasing the curl. Repeat this process until the hair is completely finished and then allow it to air dry until it is completely cool. Use hairspray or a volume spray in the end before unpinning the curls.

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