Tips for a Jessica Simpson Hairstyle

The Jessica Simpson hairstyle is one that has the back pinned up in a soft upstyle while the front sections are left in curls to hang around the face in order to enhance the facial features. This is the perfect style for square face shapes. You will be interested to find how sophisticated and formal you appear when you try an updo hairstyle for yourself. If you have shoulder length or longer hair you can choose a truly elegant hair style with a French knot or bun. You should check with your stylist to make sure an updo hairstyle will work with your hair texture and face shape before you choose this option.

The Updo Hairstyle

You should consider an updo hairstyle if you want a formal and stylish look. When attending any formal occasion all you have to do is sweep your hair up and twist it in your desired style and you instantly have an elegant appearance for any occasion with an updo hairstyle. You are bound to find an updo hairstyle that matches your face, hair and makeup since there is a wide variety of options. You can consider flat ironing to make your hair more manageable for an updo hairstyle.

Updo Hairstyle Tips

Use a flat iron to get the ends of your hair to have a soft curve. This produces a glossy look which is a good option for those who are going to place their hair in a twisted knot or bun. You can consider using hot rollers and curling irons along with a good hair spray if you would rather have firm curls. This will help your hair to work with any type of curled updo hairstyles.

Consider rolling your damp hair onto rollers to try out different styles before you make them permanent. You should avoid using too much hair spray when attempting a formal hair updo since this will cause the hair to look stiff and unnatural. Be sure to use pins, long straight pins and combs to keep your hair firmly in place and make sure you updo hairstyle remains the way you want it.

You will need certain equipment to get the job done right if you choose to do an updo hairstyle at home yourself. You will need different size rollers depending on how big you want your curls, a curling iron, some type of styling mist or hairspray, for partitioning and sectioning your hair you will need a tail comb and some form of decorations that you prefer. Anything from fresh flowers to hair pins can be included in decorations.

Choosing an Updo Hairstyle

Your face shape will determine the type of updo hairstyle you choose. For those with oval faces a braided updo hairstyle is good and there are still a variety of options to choose from. For those with round faces a formal updo style will help add volume to the top of the hair. Just make sure that when choosing your updo hairstyle it doesn’t give you a severe look. You can have a few curls fall to the side of your face for a softer look. You will need to experiment with different hair partings depending on your face type. Consider using a volume shampoo if you have very fine hair. You hair will gain extra bounce this way if you have fine or medium hair. It is important to blow dry before setting up an updo hairstyle.

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