Tips for a Keira Knightley Hairstyle

An excellent way to have a radical style that gives your face fragile beauty is with a Keira Knightley hairstyle. Long hair on the crown and front sections make style versatility easier while still keeping a softness around the ears to give a flattering look. For those who want to experiment with creative coloring this is also an excellent hairstyle choice especially for those with multi-toned high and lowlights. The ‘pageboy’ style bob didn’t start with Keira Knightley and many people have enjoyed this hairstyle. When worn straight with a fringe even by such Hollywood stars as Katherine Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe this hairstyle became popular. You will be gaining a look that is both elegant and sophisticated with a Keira Knightley hairstyle. The bob hairstyle is also something that can work with nearly every face and hair type. You can turn a bob hairstyle into something unique with your own influence with just a few slight variations.

Keira Knightley Hairstyle Tips

Many avoid a hairstyle like Keira Knightley’s because they think it needs to be the same length and color. Although you can change the shape of your hair without losing any of the length. Have you hairstylist cut some layers in your hair to do this. You can try various long, medium and short layers to make your bob hairstyle unique. The ends can flip out with contrasting hair color. Having a dark shade on top and gradually going lighter until you reach the ends is another hair color option.

You also have the option with a bob hairstyle of two great hairstyles with a single cut. You can either choose to wear the bob in a sleek and sophisticated method when going out for the evening and then you can choose to wear it scrunched up and messy when you are just running errands. Be sure your stylist cuts it heavy and blunt at the bottom by layered throughout to have this option with your bob hairstyle. You will need to make sure your hair is heavily textured to remove bulk and add volume. With a straight style you should use an extra large curling iron to give your hair shape. While creating body in the hair you should try to prevent the ends from curling. Have a little bit of backcombing to add life to your hair.

If you want to achieve the scrunched look for your bob hairstyle then you should use a dryer on the roots of your hair. Make sure you leave the ends of your hair slightly damp when you are done. Push the fullness towards the  crown with a diffuser on your blower to gently scrunch your hair. Once you hair is completely dry add some texture paste and do some more scrunching. With a little backcombing the shape will be complete which will give you a messy yet stylish bob hairstyle.

The inverted bob hairstyle is one of the newest. This is when the perimeter of the hairstyle is tapered and kept close to the neck. While the crown has most of the height and fullness the back is typically more tapered and stacked. This hairstyle is relatively maintenance free which is a major benefit and yet you can still have a stylish appearance.

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