Tips for a Nicole Kidman Hairstyle

Hairstyle that are simple yet have elegant layers to add body with soft side swept bangs to help add shape to a face is what Nicole Kidman normally selects. Although she has also used a dramatically straight hairstyle. You are going to need moisturizing and smoothing products to help keep your hair in optimal condition if you are going to go from naturally curling hair to a dramatically straight Nicole Kidman hairstyle. Using a vent or paddle brush you should straighten small sections of hair. You should make sure you drying your hair from the roots down to the ends. If you do not get all the moisture out of the hair when drying the hair will revert back to its natural wave.

The only way that you can get a straight and silky hairstyle similar to Nicole Kidman is through hair straightening. Since straight hair is always in style there are many hair straightening products and treatment to choose from. There have been hair pressing and straightening methods since the turn of the twentieth century. The most popular method recently is the thermal method of permanent straightening.

The Process of Permanent Hair Straightening

The only person who can do permanent or chemical hair straightening is a trained professional since they are the only ones who have the most experience in the process. The nature of the relaxing formula needs to be changed depending on the hair that needs to be treated. The main ingredient in permanent hair straightening products is the chemicals thioglycolate or thio. As a result of this chemical the sulfur bonds separate which allows the hair to change shape. Through the use of flattening or straightening irons tension is created on the hair which allow the hair to take on its new shape.

Hair Straightening Irons

A good option for those who want temporary straight hair but would eventually like to regain their natural curls is hair straightening irons. Typically these straightening irons have wide plates that help to accommodate large portions of hair. You will get best results during the straightening process if your iron has a nylon comb attachment to hold the hair taut.

There are different heat setting on hair straightening irons so you can find one that will match your hair type. You can use the ceramic technology for frizz free hair which gives a gentle infrared heat and negative ions. You will need to wash your hair before using a hair straightening iron and then towel dry it.

You should use a little bit of lubricating solution or gel to allow the heat to quickly pass through your hair. Through the use of a straightening iron the broken bonds of the hair are reconnected in a new position. Although you should always remember that an overuse of straightening irons can result in breakage and skin burns.

Hair Straightening Tips

You should use a mild shampoo and a strong conditioner to make sure your hair is well protected during the straightening process. You shouldn’t use any heat styling tools to prevent damage to your hair. A regular deep conditioning can give your hair a healthier bounce and shine. You should use a good detangling product and brush with a wide toothed comb after a straightening treatment. You can add a bit of shine to your hair with a little bit of silicone serum if you want. You will just need a little bit of care in order to maintain your straightened hair.

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