Best Therapy and Treatment for Nail Fungus

In order to cure nail fungus, you are going to have to penetrate the nail plate to reach the infection. Until recently, the best known solution was to include three systemic prescription anti-fungal medications and one prescription of topical therapy.

Today, the best known therapy for nail fungus is called Lamisil (terbinafine).

What makes Lamisil a superior solution for nail fungus? The answer is that this medication remains in the nail bed. And because of how well the medicine stays in the nail bed, the therapy time is significantly reduced. The time it takes to completely heal the infection compared to a standard prescription is shortened up to 75%.

Many doctors may prescribe a drug called griseofulvin for nail fungus, which could take up to 2 years to remove the problem entirely. With Lamisil, toenails that are infected with fungus require only up to three months of treatment and fingernails require approximately six to eight weeks, to be completely healed. You can obviously see the massive difference in the time it takes in healing the nails.

Another benefit of Lamisil is that the medicine does not react negatively with other medications (if you are taking any). It is also not hard on your body and has a low risk of systematic effects, such as liver problems. The only common problem that you might experience is diarrhea. However, this is extremely rare as Lamisil has basically been a very well tolerated prescription medication for nail fungus.

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