Green Tea Health Benefits

The first people to know the benefits and properties of green tea were Chinese. Green tea was later pleasured as beverage, after lots of research it was strongly proved that it has many evidence of health benefit in it. It contains catechin polyphenols, and mainly epigallocatecchin gallate, termed commonly as EGCG. Green tea, oolong tea and black tea are from similar origin call camellia sineisi plant, though they belong from same origin green tea has more valuable reputation because of EGCG as it always remains unfermented and unoxidized, where as in black tea and oolong tea, EGCG is converted in different compounds due to which medicinal effects get diluted. Moreover, along being an excellent anti oxidant it even plays major role in destroying malignant cancer cells that too without harming any healthy tissue

Green tea is always well known when it comes to cardiovascular disease. It is as much affective as aspirin because it helps in preventing platelets which causes blood clot and also reduce the level of thromboxane. It even decreases the LDL cholesterol, by taking green tea it helps in reducing the risk of heart attacks and stroke. It is found that Japanese peoples who regularly drink green tea do not suffer much in cardiac disease, as it supports in HDL production and separates plaques which are present in arteries. Anti oxidant in green tea protects liver against toxins which are present in alcohol and cigarette.

When green tea combines with caffeine augments it helps in burning extra calories thus it oxidize fat when the energy level is increased. Green tea extract is sold in several part of eastern India in different forms. In India and in few parts of Asia green tea as well as its extract is used for preventing dental plaque which in turns helps in preventing tooth decay.
Creams and deodorants are advancing for oral health as technology and science has strongly proved the evidence that it really gives protection against bacteria which causes cavity because of fluoride content present in it.

The anti-oxidant there in green tea (specially ultra lean green tea) helps in reducing inflammation of blood which in turns helps in preventing arthritis. According to new research green tea is beneficial fighting against cancer and mainly in lung cancer. Those who are suffering from high blood pressure which causes by the elasticity loss in arteries, green tea slow down the production of that particular substance and by that it helps in constricting that arteries. Diabetes now days are a common disease more common than that of high blood pressure can be actually taken under control by drinking green tea regularly. Any form of starch is always converted into sugar it happens because of enzyme named amylase. In extract of green tea polyphenol is present which lower down the ratio of amylase and thus sugar level present in the blood reduces down.

It also plays role of antiviral agent and antibacterial in few cases and helps during diarrhea and influenza. It setback the onset in osteoporosis, improves bone formation and relieves stress. The main component present in green tea is catechin which prevents halitosis. Vitamin B is useful in carbohydrate metabolism, blood vessel walls gets strengthen by flavonoids, vitamin C helps in reducing stress, amino butyric acid decreases blood pressure, and polysaccharides constrict the elevated level of blood sugar, vitamin E plays major role in anti-aging. Even those who are suffering from Parkinson’s and HIV disease green tea are beneficial for them. In simple word it is a miracle tea for those who know the value of healthy future.

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