Arizona Green Tea

Green tea is very old and ancient beverage, in ancient time’s people used to drink tea for health benefits. Arizona green tea in it has a powerful energy formula in it. New presentation of this drink is a balanced package of minerals, herbs and vitamins. It is a very refreshing drink with a perfect match of ingredient performance and scientific research. In Arizona green tea caffeine content is 7.5mg in each 8 ounce serving. Though green tea is very much beneficial for health then too many people don’t prefer to make a part of their diet. One of the major reasons behind it is that they like to take coffee along with their breakfast and are not at all willing to trench caffeine for healthy green stuff. Rest of them says that because of its unusual taste they don’t like to make it as a part of their diet.

Arizona green tea belongs from the family of camellia sinesis plant, it is made up from its leaves and this tea is beneficial for health and in reducing weight. Drinking Arizona green tea is available in different taste and it is also useful in improving health. It protects body against free radicals as it has antioxidant in it containing polyphenol. As Arizona green tea contains polyphenol it helps in fighting against diseases. Arizona green tea boost the level of neurotransmitter chemical as it contains amino acid theanine in it which helps in reducing stress and enhance the mood. Moreover, it is proved that it supports lots in getting down the weight and it works lot for those who are suffering from obesity. There was depth study and research was done at University of Geneva where it was found that green tea which is used in making Arizona green tea increases total body energy output up to 4%, thus it is clear that this tea successfully increases the rate of metabolism due to it excess of fat starts get burning hence it helps in weight loss.

Arizona green tea comparatively contains less amount of caffeine than that of other caffeinated drinks. According to medical since it is proved that intake of excess of caffeine is harmful for health though having great appetite suppressant may cause cardiovascular problem and makes heartbeat function irregular. As Arizona green tea has less amount of caffeine than that of coffee it is safe and healthy product to drink. There is one more special quality in this drink as it contains sweetener and splenda in it, which has zero calorie. Splenda is one type of sweetener which is frequently used for cooking purpose in behalf of sugar, thus Arizona green tea is a boon for people who are suffering from diabetes and for those who want to reduce their weight. Arizona green tea is easily available in market with all different natural flavors. It also contains citric acid and honey powder there ingredients makes bitter taste of green tea in to sweet drink.  The Arizona tea is all in one drink from taste to health benefit.

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