Facts about Green Tea Pills

Green tea being associated with high nutritional benefits and medicinal benefits has become immensely popular. To tap its popularity, companies emerged with a new invariant of green tea called green tea pills.

Through medical research it has been proved that green helps in burning calories at a faster rate. When calories are burned, you loose excessive fats accumulated in your body. The fats get burned through a process which is known as thermogenesis. When a person don’t intake green tea, the rate  of fat burning in only 10%, but once a person drinks green tea, the rate of natural process of burning of fats gets a boost of around 40 percent and same results can be achieved in less time. In other way, green tea helps in reducing weight or is excellent means of weight loss. Due to this reason green tea pills have been instant success.

Green tea helps in reducing the rate of absorption of fats and regulate glucose metabolism. Thus, green tea pills not only help in burning the accumulated fats but also in reducing new accumulation of fats as it slows down the rate of increase of blood sugar levels after the intake the food.

In green tea pills, the green tea leaves are crushed and a powder is made from crushed leaves and filled into pills. But here lies the problems! To make quick money, many companies fill normal tea filled with other powders to make its odor, taste and color similar to original green tea leaves.  The main reason for this is as green tea is not grown all over the world. Only few countries like china and Japan are producers of green tea. Thus many people among us are not aware about the know-how of green tea and these companies take advantage of this fact

It is not the case that original green tea pills are not available in the market. The truth is it is available but the need is to carry out a little bit research of your own. The countries which grow green tea export them. You need to track down the authentic distributors. Once you have located them, you can easily get original green tea pills and can reap all the benefits of green tea offers.

Also it is advisable to choose the best variant among hoards of green tea pills available in the market at present. The criterion for choosing the best green tea pill should be EGCG. You should choose that particular green tea pill which has large amounts of EGCG as it increases the rate of your metabolism and also enhances your ability to burn calories as it has antioxidant capabilities.

If you are serious about your weight loss program, then incorporate green tea pills in them as they will help you to attain your goals in an effective manner and you don’t have to care about the side effects as green tea pills have very little side effects associated with them.

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