Green Tea and Pregnancy

Despite of having lots of health benefit by taking green tea, though it has ability to protect one against cancer and especially against lung cancer, but as per scientific research it is advisable not to conceive green tea during pregnancy as it decreases the efficacy level of folic acid which is harmful for baby as folic acid plays a very important role in protecting neural tube defect soon after conception in the first month. Effect of reduced folic acid can be easily minimized by taking nutritious iron rich food like green leafy vegetables and by eating regular folic acid rich supplement, but then too why to take any kind of chance with baby. If one wish then can go for one cup tea after first stage of trimester.

The major reason why scientist advice not to have green tea while pregnancy is as all of them knows that green tea consists of antioxidants and have many other benefits related to blood sugar level, weight loss, cholesterol and dental health and prevents in tooth decay, but researchers have found that the active constituent epigallocatechins is present in green tea might affect as it absorbs foliate from the body.

Nowadays, all type of green teas which are available in market are counted as safe for consumption for anybody those who are pregnant or not as these commercial companies are making use of herb which is safe when taken in proper amount. All the branded companies uses herbs which are according the guideline given by FDA so, such well known companies don’t use herbs that are dangerous or at all harmful for body. But on other hand green tea not manufactured by commercial companies contains excessive ratio of herbs in it which could be toxic, so it is advisable for those who are pregnant to consult doctor before taking any green tea.

Below given are some ingredients and safe uses during pregnancy

  • Peppermint Leaf: It is useful in reducing flatulence and nausea
  • Lemon Balm: It is thought that this leaf have its own property of calming effect which helps in relieving insomnia, anxiety, etc.
  • Red Raspberry Leaf: It helps in increasing the production, it also strengthens the uterus and reduces the labor pain but it is advisable to use after first trimester.

Some women especially those who are pregnant are many times sensitive to tea and caffeine, thus they need to avoid caffeine as well as the tea. The effectiveness of caffeine present in green tea can be reduced by putting the warm water on dry leaves and after that filter it after thirty seconds.

Pregnant women should be cautious and avoid taking any source of caffeine. Few weeks earlier than conception caffeine intake should be entirely avoided as it is not good in initial stage of pregnancy. Still intake of green tea is better then coffee as comparatively green tea contains little quantity of caffeine and have less adverse effect.


Though green tea is proved quiet beneficial for health problems. It is better to avoid during pregnancy, but still pregnant women want to drink tea it is good to take advice from doctor and to conceive after first trimester.

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