Types of Green Tea Products

Green tea is emerging as one of most popular dietary supplements which are present in the market now days. Due to high nutritional value and countless health benefits, every person is getting to the habit of drinking green tea. But everyone is not as lucky as few people are who can sit down and drink a cup of green tea daily, alternative solutions have emerged for such a class. Now market is flooded with different kind of green tea products which has enabled many people to get their daily dose of green tea going at much ease.

Types of green tea products

  • Green tea Extract: This is one of popular green tea products and the reason for its popularity is its concentrated form. Being an extract, it has high levels of antioxidants and other different nutrients when compared to green tea. The most common form of this green tea product is liquid form. Being in liquid form, green tea extract can be added to wide range of food items, ranging from bread, drinks and many more other items. For few people, it can be bit strong, for such it is advisable to dilute the green tea extract a bit.
  • Green tea diet pills: Another product belonging to category of green tea products is green tea diet pills. Through various medical experiments it has been proved that green tea helps in burning more calories in doing same exercise when compared with the case in which person had not a cup of green tea. Due to this reason, green tea has emerged as hot shot for dietary aid for weight loss. For those who are not able to take one or two cups of green tea, green tea diet pills works great for those.
  • Green tea gum: If you are health conscious but have a habit to chew gums, then this variety of green tea products will come to your aid as no one will stop you from chewing green tea gum, once they know you are chewing it. Green tea gum can be chewed anytime and at any place you like. Green tea gums are easily available at grocery stores. This green tea product also comes to aid of those people who don’t like the taste of green tea but want to harness the benefits of green tea, as green tea gums comes with mixed flavors such as strawberry.
  • Green Tea mints: If market has come up with green tea gum, then emergence of green tea mints was not far behind away. This green tea product has additional advantages associated with it as it allows ingesting the beneficial and medicinal properties of green tea.

These are few of green tea products available these days in the marked but it is advisable to take guidance of pharmacist before opting for any product and also try to do a bit research of your own to know which is best among wide variety of green tea products for you.

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