Possible Causes For Hair Loss

The causes of hair loss are numerous and varied, and they can be temporary conditions that are resolved by nothing more than a change in diet and lifestyle or they may require more intensive medical attention. Some cases may be resistant to all forms of treatment as well, with the person suffering from hair loss having no recourse but to live with his or her condition.

Reasons why people lose hair

Some people lose hair a few months after the onset of an illness or after major surgery. Such conditions are normally attributed to the stress of the illness or surgery, and are often temporary.

Hormonal issues related to hair loss

It is also known that certain hormonal problems may cause temporary hair loss. This is the case with people that have either overactive or underactive thyroid glands. Such cases can be remedied with thyroid treatment medications.

Another condition that can cause a hormonal imbalance is pregnancy. A lot of women notice a considerable degree of hair loss about 3 months after giving birth. This happens because of the high levels of hormones in the body causes the retention of hairs that are normally shed. With the return of the hormones to normal levels, much of this hair reverts to the normal cycle of growth and loss.

The role of medication in hair loss

It is widely known that certain medications can cause hair loss. Most of these cases can be remedied simply by stopping the medication. Among the medicines that have been liked to hair loss are blood thinners or anticoagulants, gout medication, chemotherapy drugs, birth control medication, and antidepressants. Excessive Vitamin A may also cause hair loss in some people.

Hair loss due to improper hair care

Certain hairstyles that restrict the hair or subject it to stress can also cause hair loss. Some of the most common culprits are pigtails, cornrows, or styles that use tight hair rollers. In extreme cases where scarring of the scalp occurs, the hair loss may even be permanent.

The most common cause of hair loss

Male-pattern baldness is quite possibly the most common and definitely the most recognizable form of hair loss. The condition is typically permanent, and sufferers are likely to have inherited the hair loss gene from a member of the family. While the condition can affect both men and women, it is a lot more common in men. This who start to thin or lose hair early in life tend to experience more extensive hair loss as they grow older, with the condition typically beginning with a thinning of the hair in the front and top of the scalp, progressing towards the rest of the head.

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