What is HGH?

What is HGH? It is not an anabolic steroid. It is a peptide-based (protein) hormone structurally related to compounds like insulin rather than steroids. Comparable to anabolic steroids, the important thing about HGH for bodybuilders is that it does produce similar effects. A powerful anabolic compound proven to increase lean muscle in medical patients and athletes is Growth Hormone. Speeding of body fat loss and increasing energy levels are other GH benefits.

As GH effects on fighting the age accompanying overall decline in health, it has been called a master hormone and the “fountain” of youth.
What is HGH? It is regularly prescribed for maintaining the youth and health by numerous clinics specializing in longevity. Also, it is given to children lacking growth.

Available in various sources, GH should only be administered through injection and kept refrigerated, because of the delicate and temperature sensitive molecule.

The only source of HGH was from cadavers or corpses before the creation of modern synthetic versions. Viruses including Creutzfeldt-Jakob were a hazard with this.

What is HGH? The hormone by itself can be thought of as moderately anabolic. The effects are simply astonishing when compared with steroids. A whole range of 230-240-pound bodybuilders started turning onstage in the early 1990’s weighing 260, 270, and 280+ pounds. All this happened within a year!

So why not!

Why should HGH not be a part of your bodybuilding workouts? Firstly, most of the GH on the black market is counterfeit. Do you think basement labs are safe? Are they concerned about quality control?
Another factor is the price. A typical cycle of growth hormone will cost thousands of dollars. Believe us when we say that your hard-earned cash can be invested in better places. The final and most important factor is the danger of GH. Look at the midsections of many of the present larger pro bodybuilders. Today, protruding guts seem to be a dime a dozen. Growth hormone enlarges internal organs, apart from only causing just muscles to grow. This is not only unhealthy, but also unattractive and unappealing.

A safe alternative

We strongly encourage you to check some of the available legal HGH analogs rather than submitting to the risk, appeal, and cost of HGH. Without the side effects of these illegal drugs, these exciting new products are reported to produce effects comparable to steroids and growth hormone. Check them out now!

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