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If you are a fashion fan, you probably noticed in the fall/winter season this year that white is the best color. We are not referring to clothes, here but eye make up. Starting with eye shadow, eye liner, and up to mascara, white is the fashionable color (when you do not use “cat eyes” make up, of course)
What is there necessary? Well, run to the closest cosmetic store and ask for the whole “white” collection? If you do not need stage make up, you should reconsider that thought. Let us take it one-step at a time:

White Mascara

Well, in case of emergency, you can use the white mascara base from the two parts products.

White Eyeliner

Yes …definitely yes

What you saw on the fashion podiums may easily be transformed into an effective look, which could give you some advantages how can that be possible? By keeping a “conformist” look for the upper lid (brown/black mascara, brown/black eyeliner), and using the white eyeliner just for the lower lid.

In addition, if you are a big fan of revolutionary make up. Let us see how and when we can use white eyeliner in day-to-day life.

Normally, white-eye liner is nice on the inside of the lower lid, to give an enhancing effect to the eye. It is a very efficient trick, which you must already know about…

It can also be useful to give light effect – by drawing a very thin line right under the eyebrow, stamping it afterwards. This has the role of lifting you eyebrows, giving your face an illumination effect.

White varieties: pearl, butter, pink white

Depending on your natural skin color, and if you which your make up to be as natural as it can be, you need an alternative for the white you apply. You can try a gentle shade of white, like pearl white, pink-white, or even light beige.

Many women lack the courage to use white-eye liner because applying it requires a special technique and the smallest mistake can ruin the entire make up work. On the other hand, white outlined eyes with the help of eyeliner are more sophisticated and they look much brighter. Here are the secrets of a flawless outstanding make up:

  1. Hold the eyelid perfectly stretched with you secondary hand and draw the line with the dominant hand (the one you use to do detailed activities).
  2. Try more than one type of eyeliner, and choose the one you feel most comfortable with when applying.
  3. Use touches that are rather more delicate on your eyelid than one continuous firm line.
  4. When you stand in front of the mirror, keep you eyes almost closed. Lean your head back, and draw the line with the eyeliner. This way, you will be able to see with both your eyes and thus control drawing the lines better.
  5. If you use a pencil, and not liquid eyeliner, use a cotton stick to give uniformity and smoothness to the line you drew.
  6. If you apply eye liner right under the insertion of the lower eye lids, do it only half way, because this line doesn’t need firm definition, it needs to be the shadow of the eye lashes.
  7. The shape line of your eyes must be precise but also discreet in the case of daily makeup. For evenings, make up artists recommend a tip: play with textures and draw a thin liquid eyeliner line on the insertion aria of the eyelids, then apply a line with an eye pencil that you spread with a cotton stick after that, which will give you the famous “smoky eyes” look very easily.

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