Choosing Concealers

When you are 20, you can say that you live the happiest moments of your life. However, how many girls are unhappy because their skin has little problems? Many cosmetic firms offer special products created for this kind of skin. We have to take into consideration the age and lifestyle, the most relevant factors, which can help to decide what kinds of products are better for you. It is possible that you and your mother have the same type of skin, but it is impossible to use the same products. After many years when the sun has made enough problems to the skin, the cream type used by your mother should not be the same as that used by you at 20.

Every time it is good to test more products, until you find an adequate one. As far as the foundation cream is concerned, try three or four nuances on your hand or cheek. The perfect color does not have to differ more of the natural skin. Otherwise, you will underline your makeup. Choose the texture and the presentation form of a corrector according to your type of skin.

If your skin is dry, choose a cream product in tube or liquid with applicator. Instead, for greasy and normal skin a stick corrector is perfect. Compact creams are useful for all kinds of skin, but they can vary from creamy texture to those with powder effect.

Pay attention to quality. To verify, rub a little between your fingers the concealor stick with a pearl of a compact cream. The texture has to be homogenous, velvety, without granules.

When you want to make up first you have to apply the foundation cream and after that the concealer. Appling for the first time the foundation cream you can see exactly where it is necessary more covering, than applying the concealer you can make the difference and can appreciate if it is or not necessary.

The foundation cream role is to level the skin and harmonize with its natural color, until we obtain a healthy and natural look. If it looks like a mask or you feel it like a mask, it means that you have applied too much foundation cream or if you do not see any difference that means you had applied too little.

Do not use the concealer for pimples. The microbes will spread all over the face and to the eyes. Because some products can mask circles and skin imperfections skin, help yourself with a cosmetic sponge or brush applicator to cover all the zones of the face with problems.

The transparent powder gives a last note to the makeup, to fix it. The powder absorbs the burliness and humidity excess of makeup, because it creates a plane and delicate surface. The powders do not have to add color to the makeup only to define it.

Concealers can help you look at yourself into the mirror without getting angry with your skin problems and help you feel relaxed when you go somewhere, without being stressed that the nicest boy at the party cannot dance with you because red areas of your face…

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