Daily Makeup

Makeup purpose is to highlight a woman’s personality, to distinguish a style. A makeup done in this way has unexpected effects on woman physical and psychical aspects. Using an adequate makeup you will gain more self-confidence, your femininity will be obvious, and you will become an assertive person, that person that you always wanted to be.

Here is some advice for daily makeup. There are two possibilities:

If you want your eyes lined out use:

  • A black, green, or even grey pencil
  • Mascara
  • Around the eyes use pastel blush, brightly- beige, blue, pink, grey, dark green, brown. Pale blushes can be applied all over the eyelid and dark makeup only on half eyelid, a line that is visible when you close your eye, a little bit discreet for day and for evening all over the eyelid.
  • A blush lines out your eyes but preferable is to use it when you want your lips adjusted.

If you want to stress your lips than you have to frame your eyes:

  • A pearl blush, beige, pink, blue, and of course mascara.
  • Do not use eye liner
  • Use makeup in the same nuance with your lipstick or gloss, we recommend you peach color.

In this case, the lips need foundation cream, then a contour in the same color like lipstick and gloss. To this kind of makeup, you can use a dark makeup in V to the eye tail.

Simple rules for a daily makeup

For daily makeup- for work, town or for classes you must use simple rules: it has to underline the natural advantages, to hide some face problems and it should not be too intense. The makeup has to rejuvenate personal brightness and to act positively on the others. It is not used too much color. In the same time, we do not have to imagine that work is a punishment and all makeup has to be dead.

Because today time is an important factor, there are necessary products very easily to use, which offer quickly a good result and are resistant to transfer. The texture makeup used in those cases will be matte and half-matte, never are used strident pearls or plastic shine. Always allow according to the type of light from your office; the incandescent light given by the bulb is less habitual today, but it is still used. In an office with bulbs, the light is warm and the makeup has to be cold by contrast. So grey pastel, green are perfect for eyelids. The cheeks need pale pinks and the lips too.

If the office has cold light, which comes from the, then all makeup has to contain warm colors: beiges, browns. Even mascara for eyelashes should have a brown nuance. A business lunch is an occasion to go out from your office but it is not an occasion for an elaborate makeup, you need a formal note for business.

Therefore you have to use makeup everyday just as you have a shower or you do your morning exercises.

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