Makeup for Dark Skin

If you have a dark skin, you are a lucky one. You enjoy a quick bronze, without too much slog, but you must not give up products with solar protection factors. You look good with a daring makeup. You can choose any intense color. Avoid pastels or any lighter nuance. The nuances like gold, bronze, or orange are perfect on your eyelids or lips.

However, if your skin is dark the secret is to play with matte or shine colors.

For eyes, choose makeup with delicate textures, together with eyeliner in nuances like emerald or sapphire. You will look sensational if you choose makeup in nuances like bronze or copper- colored.

For lips if you want a natural look, then a gold gloss is for you. For a sophisticate makeup, use a greasy lipstick like red wine color.

Do you want luminosity for your cheeks? Then apply on arch and cheekbones a drop of bronze liquid makeup. As far as the blush is concerned, the nuances like plum and cherry are perfect.

For fingernails are suitable intense colors with metallic effect. It is evident that the makeup differs according to your color skin. You will never use showy colors if you have a very light skin or natural colors for a darker skin.

Olive Skin

The women who have this kind of skin should use a light makeup with warm colors. The most suitable makeup is brown and terracotta and the foundation cream contains lighter nuances than the skin. Avoid the nuances like pink, silvery and red which make drearier and darker skin than it is in reality because this kind of skin is suitable with colors like purple, brown and gold.

For dark skin, matte lipsticks are better and you should avoid the gloss.

Choose a cream or liquid foundation, but one without oil. It is always better to use a water-based foundation. A transparent foundation and a good concealer are perfect for creating the illusion of perfect skin. The foundation should not be lighter than your skin tone. Try to get one, which is as close to your normal skin color as possible. When you apply foundation and powder, your aim should be for a lighter coverage. Remember that dark skin show up layers of make-up much more than fair skins. Pay special attention to blending. To add a drop of water to the foundation before you apply it may also help. Mix them on the back of your hand and apply it on your skin. Check the effect in the daylight.

For a night, makeups do not hesitate to try nuances like red as wine, which look wonderful. If you wish to contour your lips, use a nuance that you fits with the lipstick and mix it.

What red nuance is suitable for you?

The warm red nuances have a little yellow in their composition like red- orange, or brick-color. A red lipstick can transform you in a diva or in a real princess, whoever you pretend to be!

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