Applying Eye Mascara

Eyelash eyeliner is the promoter for make-up products this winter. This is what make-up professionals have stated, emphasizing that the trend requires that the face is clean, but the lashes must be taken to extreme, meaning as long as possible, thick, shiny and arched.

In order to have the best results, you have at your disposal a large variety of mascara types. The secret of perfect eye lashes is making the right eyeliner, which not only outlines your eye lashes, but also nourishes and strengthens them, being at the same time the best mean to shape your eyes. The contrast created between the white of your eye and black eye lashes is the most effective make-up ever. Not even the most advanced make-up techniques can race with that combination.
Mascara has received a very important role in the fall/winter season of this year, according to make-up artists. One lair of mascara is enough to provide your look with elegant and seductive properties that a good make up should have.

 Choosing the right types of eyeliner and mascara is not an easy task, though. Each mascara has particular features, determined by the shape of the brush and the content (pigments). These elements contribute to the effects of each particular mascara. It can provide your eye lashes with length, curved shape, thickness. Aside from that you must keep in count that mascara has its own application rules. Some must be applied in zigzag, some of them with a round motion starting from the base of the eyelashes toward the endings.

You must always read very carefully use instructions and follow them exactly. Mascara must be applied only on your upper eyelashes, because applying it on the lower ones will render you an “old face” effect, emphasizing the imperfections of your eye, which is an effect you should always avoid. As far as the upper eyelashes are concerned, two thin lairs are recommended. First lair, on the whole surface, and the second on the outside part of you eyelashes – if your eyes are too close, or on the inside of the eyelashes, if your eyes are too far apart from each other.

The best mascara. According to make-up experts, the best eyeliner is the one with a plastic handle, which will prevent it from slipping and makes it easy to apply even for the clumsiest hands, especially if it has property to curve your genes

You can also use, before applying the mascara a special tool that curves your eye lashes, in order to render them more volume and the best effect there is. If you use special created mascara for your eyes, you might not need the tool, because the mascara can do the job for it.

More than often, a mascara once applied on your eyelashes becomes opaque. If you are trying to avoid that, look up for a special designed mascara that will maintain the luminosity of your eyes for a longer period of time, like for example Cannel’s „Inimitable“ mascara, which is conceived on a special formula in that particular purpose.

The most practical mascara is considered to be „Telescopic“- L’Oréal, which has an impressive effect ever since the first application. It has a flexible device that separates and gives length to your eyes lashes using only one move.

 The ideal product for thin eyelashes is definitely Rimmel’s „Volume Extend“, which has two endings. One of them is an invisible gel applied on your lashes before applying the black mascara, which protects and gives volume to your eyelashes, a charming and elegant effect at the same time.

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