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Our eyes area is one of the most delicate ones and we must pay considerable attention to it. Therefore each time we start cleansing, first step is removing eye makeup, with circular movement, starting from the inside corner toward the outside corner of the eye. It is preferable for the eye to close while doing that, by holding the lower lid with your pointing finger and removing the mascara by up and down movement. Once that operation ready, the direction reverses performing lower lid make up removal. Do not forget to hydrate your eyes and lips during the holidays.

Taking care of your face is an activity of major importance for all of us. We sometimes neglect the most sensitive parts – lips and eyes. These two areas of the face are the first ones noticed, and we forget to use adequate products for their protection.

The outcome could be negative, especially when cold weather gets extreme. That is the main reason for which we should always use appropriate products, especially designed to care for our lips and eyes.

We recommend make up removing products designed starting from the jojoba oil, apricot kernel oil, which can hydrate your lips properly, giving your skin and your lips smoothness and firm look and consistence at the same time.

The products destined for waterproof resistant make up and deep cleanse of the area around the eyes and lips should contain jojoba oil and apricot kernel oil, in order to hydrate the skin, get fast into your skin, and maintain it firm. This type of products also fight irritations they prevent dehydration and regenerate the protection layer of the skin on which you used make up. It totally removes waterproof makeup, and does not cause irritation to your eyes. In the evenings and in the mornings, put a thin layer of that special make up remover on your face and massage it for half a minute. Then, with the help of a cotton disk, remove the waterproof products, insisting around the eyes and lips.

Never use baby oil as a make up remover, because, although that oil makes wonders for babies’ skin, it does not match with the thin sensitive area around the eyes. It leaves behind a layer that will irritate your eyes. Use makeup removers for your face and eye zone.

This is the way to remove it: 

During the day, we feel good about our mascara lasting so well, but in the evening, when we remove it, we want if off the eyes as soon as possible.

  1. For removing eye shadow, use special eye make up remover, and apply it delicately with circular moves. 
  2. The excess of make up remover must be cleaned with a cotton disk – starting from the inside corner towards the outside corner, without applying any pressure on it.
  3. Mascara also removes with a cotton disk and a bit of make up remover. Just close your eyes and wipe your lids starting up. 
  4. With make up remover you can also clean the inferior margin and the inside corner
  5. In the end, tap the whole face with a cosmetic tissue.

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