Applying Eye Shadow

The most beautiful thing that a man appreciates at a woman is the natural beauty, and I do not know why the majority of women do not like the natural make-up. They use a lot of make-up and sometimes the look obtained is a ridiculous one they look like clowns. The only thing that a woman needs is some attitude. If you think that without make-up you are an ugly person, this is the opinion that the others will have about you, but if you have some attitude, and you trust in yourself, you do not need to make-up your natural beautiful qualities, and you will create a good opinion in the others’ eyes.

The natural make-up is always in trend, it is like “the little black dress”, and this year it is more interesting than ever. Names like Dior, Chanel, Cavalli and Burberry have already met this make-up in the book of” must have-s” of the winter-season 2007. It is very easy to create this natural look; you do not need to be a professional make-up artist. We will show you how to do it. Some natural foundation, a lip-gloss and a mascara and you will be the most natural and shiny woman ever. A little pink blush, and ready, you are like a doll!

Another “must have” are the expressive eyebrows, one of the face parts, which every woman remembers only a few times a year. If you want a shocking eye look, you must put on some black pencil, good mascara and you must arrange your eyebrows with some transparent mascara. If you use a good foundation, the aspect of your skin will be very natural, you can use one with oils only if you have a dry skin and do not use it if you have acne. The powder can offer you a bronzed aspect and the blush can give you the fresh aspect of the young skin. If you have had a “white night”, and you have some circles, you need to put on some concealer under the foundation.

For a natural look, you need some beige or pink eye shadows, some mascara, and a black pencil. However, if you want something to be different, you can use green, orange, and purple, blue and in this mode, you will look like a star. If you look bronzed, you can use brown, and if you want something very special, you can use silver or gold, these colors will give you the shine you need to be in the center of the attention. The black mascara is the most used color if you want to shock, if you want a natural look, the brown mascara is the most indicated, and if you only want to arrange them, you can use transparent mascara for the protection.

The lips, the most delicious part of our face, they need a lot of care, too. You must use as a protector the lip balm, in the winter and in the summer, too. You must use it because the sun, the wind, and the cold weather can hurt them. You can use a lipstick to offer some color and before you use the lipstick, use a lip pencil to outline your lips. The gloss is very good when you want to shine.

You can make many combinations, you can use many colors every day, but you must never highlight the eyes and to the lips in the same time, because you will look like a clown; or the eyes, or your lips!

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